Video Review: Selena Gomez “Same Old Love”

With a white jacket covering her dress, Gomez walks out of her hotel in the Broadway District of Los Angeles and into the limousine waiting for her. She wants to say hello but she hears the keys click and her driver continues as though she’s not there. Through drops of rain on the window, she sees a mother, wiping her eyes as she cries. On top of the car is a mattress and whatever items the mother could be grab. Her son reassures her everything will be okay for them. Gomez puts her hand into her hair, wondering what the family has been through to get that point.

In another car, she sees a man yelling, his hands slamming the steering wheel. She watches in horror as he argues, his arms moving in each and every direction. She wants to get as far away from him as she can. She witnesses a couple kissing in front of a store and she covers her eyes, thinking of her past relationship. She remembers those moments. Brief but everlasting, she had hoped it would always be that way. But it’s not. What that couple have is temporary.

She views another couple, silent in their car, eyes on the road. Things have clearly fallen apart. They can’t even look at one another the resentment has built up so much. The woman has plays with her wedding ring, a literal debate to end the marriage.

The driver pulls to a stop and she waves to him. Her driver leaves while she crosses the street, letting her jacket fall. She enters the club unrecongnized and weaves he way through the crowd. Meanwhile, her driver is unable to move. Paparazzi have swarmed the car and people want to know where she is. The driver opens the door, revealing that Gomez is gone.

While walking down the street, an older man looking outside on his balcony catches her eye. Worn, the bitterness apparent, Gomez shares her own disappointment with him. Also in the apartment building, a father holds his baby, giving his partner a questioning look. The baby has changed their relationship and the father wonders if his partner actually cares anymore.

There’s a light coming from somewhere. She looks into the apartment and sees a little girl, looking into her fish tank. However, the little girl’s father is passed out on the couch. Gomez looks down, saddened by it and wishes she could help the girl. The little turns her eyes away from the fishbowl and Gomez runs back to the theater, keeping the little girl in her sights for as long as she can.

Once at the Palace Theater, an assistant removes her coat for her while the stage manager walks her to the stage. She thinks of all the people she has seen tonight. She wonders what will happen next in their lives.

On stage, she approaches the microphone and the crowd erupts with cheers. The lights go on and she begins to perform the song. At the end of the performance, she puts her microphone down, the memories of the people she’s seen still with her.


Rating: 5/5

Gomez may be a pop star. However, she’s still a person, too. She wants to be out of the Hollywood bubble and connect with people. While other people may not see it, she has worries and fears. She wonders if she will ever be alone or if she will have children. What will her life be like ten years from now? Any of those people she saw could be her one day.

     Director: Michael Hussmann Year: 2015


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