Video Review: The Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed”

In front of the band’s 1960s Buick, they pump their arms up and down, marching in place with their feet. After they finish their dance, they head to the car. At the club, Belinda begins to perform the song. Belinda drives and sings along to their song on the radio. Tooling around Los Angeles, Jane, Charlotte and Kathy sit on the very top of the backseat, clapping. They enjoy the sunny day and through their heads back, laughing. Belinda rocks her head to the music.

The girls see a lingerie shop and decide to do some shopping. Jane hangs back in the car, waiting. The girls spot the Electric Fountain and have to stop. Belinda is the first one out and all of them walk around the edge of it. They all jump in and splash in the water. They swim and do a kick dance. Belinda lies down in the water and splashes the rest of her band members who are standing. As she finishes the song at the club, she raises her hands up in the air. Meanwhile at the fountain, Belinda raises her hands up in the air up at the same time, after having a fun day out with the band.


Rating: 4/5

The Go-Go’s see themselves as a band, first and foremost. During the performance at the club, the girls are serious as they concentrate on playing their instruments. It’s Belinda’s job to smile and provide the theatrics. She is able to balance both. On stage, she is the restrained lead singer, never straying from her microphone. Outside of performing, she’s a raucous troublemaker, taking the band out on adventure.

   Director: Derek Burbridge Year: 1981


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