Video Review: Tove Lo “Talking Body”

Tove Lo half-sits on the bed, her eyes glued to the television. A crime spree has been happening in the area. Her boyfriend’s mugshot flashes on the screen, as the news reporter says that he’s suspect and the police are looking for him. Lo shuts off the television, puts on her jacket and heads out of her motel room. She knows where to find him.

She walks out onto the balcony, where an old lady is smoking and steals some cigarettes from the lady’s pocket for herself. Inside, her husband is folding a blanket. In the next room, another couple is having sex. The motel attendant is sleeping at the desk and she dings the bell, waking him up. She fits the collar on her jacket and leaves without saying a word.

At the nightclub, lit with a rusty red, she finds him in the corner and leads him to the dance floor. There, she kisses him full on the lips and then leaves. Two cops immediately turn around. Her boyfriend notices he was being watched and runs. Lo does a quick take to see who it was.

She walks into a bathroom and looks into an oval-shaped mirror. He appears behind her and she turns to face him. However, he disappears again. Inside the rusty red lit strip club, she passes the dancers on the platforms and gives Bob a squeeze on the shoulder on the way out.

Confetti falls all around. Her best waves to her and gives her a neon-green headband to wear while she’s at the festival. In a mask, she spots her boyfriend and kisses him in the middle of the crowd. Hiding behind the confetti, are the two cops who have been following her boyfriend. The cop runs to him, interrupting their kiss, and he runs.

Lo, though, waits for him at her motorcycle. She throws him the keys and they speed down the highway.

They pass through a foiled opening, entering the sex club. Lo heads for a table and talks with two people she knows. Two women, with only gloves, pasties and a police officer hat, grab her boyfriend and take him to a private room. He takes off his shirt and sits down on the couch. He touches the one girl, waving a feather while the other woman handcuffs him and leads him out of the room.

The guard closes the jail cell. Her boyfriend sees her and walks to the front of the cell. They make out. She touches his arm and reaches for his keys. He sighs and she walks to his motorcycle.


Rating: 4/5

The video has an inventive set up. It’s more of a play than a music video. The lack of flash and minimalism make the sordid underground places seen as grimy and illicit as intended. Lo is the apt criminal, eluding the cops and getting away with whatever she can.

     Directors: Andreas Weman & Johan Lyden  Year: 2015


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