Video Review: Blake Shelton “Doin’ What She Likes”

Blake Shelton, his cell phone on speaker, asks wife Miranda Lambert if she would like to have a homemade dinner made by him. Lambert chirps “I like that idea!”After hanging up with her, he throws up his jacket and prepares for the great night he planned.

Outside, he stares off into space and stands while smoke billows in the background.

He sees the blender and thinks “awesome!” He and Lambert are going to get drunk on some margaritas tonight. He cuts the lime and puts the juice inside the blender. He gets the dough out for the fajitas. The dog, who I shall be named, Checker, perks his ears, silently telling Shelton “no, no, quit while you’re ahead.” He pours the tequila into the blender and throws some dough to the dog. He puts salt on the glasses and blends all the ingredients together.

At the stove, he flips the fajitas in the frying pan. He throws a piece to Checker, who catches it right in his mouth. After putting the pan down, his finger catches the pan. He swings his finger from the sting. With a spoon, he tries to get the exact blend of ice and alcohol into the glasses. However, he misses with the spoon and it drips onto the floor.

Lambert would like a nice, clean house after a hard day. He takes a rag and cleans the table. He takes the dirty clothes off the couch and puts it in the laundry. In the bathroom, he runs the bath. Then, he bends down and looks in the cupboard for her favorite bath oils and salts. He picks one and squirts nearly the entire bottle into the tub. He lights a match and begins lighting the candles he placed around the bathroom. He gives himself two thumbs up for a job well done.

He grabs the bouquet of roses and begins walking up the stairs, picking off the petals and dropping them on the floor. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, the flame from one of the candles touches the curtain. He continues up the stairs, thinking of all the hot love making that’s going to happen, unaware that the entire bathtub is now on fire.

The orange flames whip behind him as he drops the petals on the floor. As he gets closer to the bathroom, he stops, smelling smoke. He turns around and the entire bathroom is now covered in flames. He drops the roses onto the floor and calls the fire department.

The fire department arrives. By now, the entire house is on fire. He takes a look at the house, wondering how he’s going to explain that they no longer have a home. OMG! Don’t forget Checker!

The firefighter hands him the roses, one of the few things that was salvaged. He thanks him and then looks down at the ground, disappointed in himself.

His phone rings and it’s Lambert. He pretends that everything is hunky dory and she says she’s looking forward to the evening all day and can’t wait. Looking at the house again, he tells her that they should go out to eat tonight instead. She says she’ll meet him at home. However, he offers to pick her up, the siren blaring in the background, and then proceeds to tell her. And Checker is nowhere to be seen.


Rating: 3.5/5

Blake Shelton appreciates his wife and wants to take care of her. But he likes to inject some comedy into it as well. He’s the bumbling husband who means well but ultimately screws up.

Shelton turns his marriage to Miranda Lambert into fodder for a sitcom. They are an upscale version of Doug and Carrie from King of Queens. At the end, Lambert will accept the scorched roses, kiss her husband and together, they will find a new home. Much laughter will ensue relating the story to the insurance company.

Seriously, though, what happened to Checker?

       Director: Mason Dixon Year: 2014

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