Video Review: Becky G “Break A Sweat” 

Becky G is behind a virtual reality screen, imagining. She has a dance off with three boys. As the boys dance, she views herself with purple hair and then joins them, with a different outfit and her original hair. A small drumline keeps to the beat. She is the glamorous tomboy and continues to watch them dance.

On a moving black-and-white checkered screen, she does some dancing herself. A boy on a bicycle jumps out of nowhere. She smiles, while she fades in and out.

In the virtual reality, she has entered Makeup Land. Tubes of lipstick stand like trees on a white tiled floor. Silver arches and white colums decorate the land. Plastic fuschia ice cream cones breeze past her. Wearing long-sleeved denim jacket with big white stars, light denim short shorts and tie-dyed black, white top. she walks to cluttered room with a bust of man, a mini marble stairway that leads nowhere and metallic silver bells with a fuschia bow hanging on the wall. Whatever is hanging floats by, including a pair of metallic fuschia berries that looks more like a steel bra. Unfortunately, there is not a change of clothes. The outfit is too young for her, making her look ten years old.

She has entered a room with floating clouds in the background while boys watch her behind a fence. The floating clouds background splits into three screens and return back to normal as she dances.

Behind a background of red-trimmed windows, she sits on a metallic wheel and moves her arms. She jumps off and takes a noticeably big chug from CORE. CORE then gives her the energy to continue dancing. However, she’s not done yet. She takes another slip of CORE, takes a breather and lets three boys dance.

Further into Makeup land, she has a hit province named COVERGIRL. She stands in one spot and then she multiplies two times, each time a different color. In the sky, a silver triangle earring dangles, a COVERGIRL lipstick is suspended mid-air and metallic balloons linger. The compact COVERGIRL mascara is shown and she brushes some on her eyes. She sits on a pair of hands among metallic tubes of lipsticks and a container of nail polish. Then, she puts on some COVERGIRL lipstick.

Back in the floating cloud room, more boys have come to observe her. She touches the bars and they can’t believe she has acknowledged them.

In Gold Land, she stands behind a purple background. A set of four gold-trimmed televisions show her image on the screen. A pair of golden headphones stay in the sky. Golden springs and other tiny objects litter the screen. A pair of gold chains swings past her, almost getting her head. A golden basketball hoop is in the corner while a heart is has been ripped from a wire fence. As she tries not to let the wheels cruising by trip her, tennis shoes zing past her.

The drumline is now off to the side as she and the three boys dance. In the cloud room, she is against the wire, daring the boys to try to touch her. She is similar room, sitting on a row of televisions, in a red hoodie, throwing fake punches and acting tough.


Rating: 1/5

Product placement is a part of music videos. Usually, the camera or phone is used in a way that makes sense and it’s not really an issue: it’s shown, it’s done and everyone moves on to dance some more. However, it’s really obvious here and the video becomes a commercial for the products, distracting from the true product which is Becky G.

Then, there are the busy, virtual reality backgrounds that attempt surrealism. But they are actually untidy and dusty. But then, all she thinks about are boys and COVERGIRL, boys and drinking CORE after a hearty workout.

    Director: N/A  Year: 2015


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