Video Review: Rachel Platten “Stand By You”

Waves crash against the sea. A thundering storm brews in the sky. A young couple holds hands. Rachel Platten is first seen, out of focus, in a black bra and pleat maxi skirt. Inside a mansion, she leans across a day bed in a  Froomer women’s lace hollow crop top, Phase Eight Atlanta white maxi skirt, and Michael Antonio Lamiss glitter heel. The perfect outfit to save the world one pop song at a time . She then says it’s ok to turn to her for help while a young woman stays in bed.

The storm continues as little kids are shown holding hands and best friends are sitting on a bed, doing homework together after school. A mother and father holds a son’s hand as they walk on the beach. Platten raises her hands in that black bra and black skirt combination, nullifying every lyric. It’s really difficult to take her seriously while she’s dressed as an upscale escort named Dream who is available for corporate events.

A tear falls down a girl’s face. A couple stands on a rooftop, holding hands. The night sky bursts with stars. Back in the mansion, she looks down, hoping she will be able to reach someone. She raises her hands, reaching for all the hope she can find. The two best friends laugh. The sun shines. She twirls her white skirt around and fireworks go off.

Someone blows out their birthday candles. Four best friends, sitting on the beach at sunset, make hand motions spelling out the word love. A young girl stands at the barre during a ballet class. An older man gets ready in front of the mirror. The two best friends have a pillow fight. Home videos are shown and a couple is kissing. The best friends hold hands and relax on the bed after their pillow fight.

Another young woman smiles. A young man gives the camera a soft look. Together, they embrace and stare into each other’s eyes. More home videos are shown. The couple now has a baby. Downtown, high school seniors in their caps and gowns, celebrate their graduation. Two of them look their yearbook. A pregnant woman caresses her belly. Now, in the home videos, two boys are seen running towards the camera. The high school seniors throw their caps in the air. Fireworks go off. The high school seniors laugh and hug each other, ready for their new beginning.

The fireworks go off again. In the mansion, Platten has her arms out and a gospel choir joins her. Sitting in the chair, she promises to help and be a good friend. Everyone from the individual shots are in the mansion, clapping and dancing along to the music.

The fireworks go off. The two best friends have grown up and still hang out. The older man hugs his wife. Platten smiles wide and pauses, her arm up pointing to the viewer. With a serious expression, she looks down, thinking of all the people she has yet to save


Rating: 2.5/5

Platten wants to solve problems and be peoples’ light. She considers her job to be inspirational. However, the images might as be stock and found in the public domain somewhere. It’s a greeting card brought to life. She’s holding herself to a higher standard, which is the perfect, good young woman. While it works for now, she better keep herself out of the tabloids and her publicist paid well. It’s a fragile image that one misstep could destroy.

    Director: Hannah Lux Davis  Year: 2015


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