Video Review: Gwen Stefani “Used to Love You”

Behind a black background, Gwen Stefani sits on her chair, her arms crossed, staring down at the table. She lifts her head up and closes her eyes and sighs, staring off into space. She cringes, thinking of all she put off from Gavin Rossdale. He slept with the nanny! How could he? The thought of it brings tears to her eyes but she turns away, only showing her left side to the camera.

She glares, despising him for all the hurt and pain he has caused their family. She thought they would go the distance and be together forever. She remembers their vows and nearly breaks down again. It’s over. It’s really, really over.

She runs her hand through her hair, wondering what she is going to do. Will she ever be in love again? What about co-parenting? She has to call her lawyer and ask him some questions which ran through her mind just now.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way, she thinks, choking back tears. All the drama he caused. She can never trust him. She folds her arms again, burying her face into her arm. She wants to yell at him that he doesn’t know what love really is. Numb, she thinks that their relationship wasn’t real all these years.

She turns her face to the left side to the camera, containing her anger. She wants to scream so loud. She thinks of how he told her it didn’t mean anything with the nanny. They could work it out. Really? Now, he wants to work it out!?

She puts her arm over head, running her hand through her hair and then shifts her position in the chair, putting her legs on it and looking up, trying not to think. She looks at the camera again, declaring that she will move on from him and he won’t break her. She thinks of all the good she brought into his life. She got him to settle down and think beyond the next night.

Another girl will get him now and start a new life with him. She puts both hands over her head, running her hands through her hair again. Someone else will have him. The love of her life. She shakes, gulping down the tears but they won’t stop. She puts her head into her left arm, trying to clean off her face. In her arms, she shakes her head. He’s not worth it. She has to let go.

Rating: 3.5/5

Gwen Stefani has made an entire career of talking about Gavin Rossdale in her music. In the video, she address the emotional fallout of it head on and lets her feelings show. It is effective – to a point.

A month after the release of the video, it was reported that she and Blake Shelton were officially dating. With the divorce and then the new relationship being extremely public, it does cheapen the emotional power which is supposed to be felt. However, it ends up being another box checked in the Gwen Stefani Moves On From Gavin Rossdale Publicity Tour.

     Director: Sophie Muller  Year: 2015

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