Video Review: Hailee Steinfeld “Love Myself”

Friends cross the street, talking and enjoying the day out in the city. Geese fly over the skyscrapers and apartment buildings. There’s a storefront decorated with “#LoveMyself” on its window. People walk by and take pictures of it on their phones. Hailee Steinfeld watches from the rooftop above.

On the rooftop, she sits on the ledge and paces the length of it, wearing a black “self-service” leotard, over the knee leather boots, and oversized blazer It’s nudge-nudge, wink-wink except everyone’s already heard the punchline like a zillion times.  In the city, another storefront is labeled with a rainbow graffitied “#LoveMyself.” A twentysomething woman flexes her arms as she walks past. Meanwhile, the hashtag is causing people to stop. A couple kisses. Another man does the running man in front of it while another man laughs. Some people stand and look.

In yet another fashion change, she is against a white background wearing a foiled boxer outfit. It must for her acting reel, something she could use to pitch a remake of Rocky, who is tough and strong, kinda like a feminist. But with glitter and stuff.

By the storefront, the camera has divided into four different angles. With duck lips, a woman smooches the camera. Two business are trying to make sense of it and aren’t sure what to do. A man dances while another stares right ahead.

Steinfeld smiles into the camera, proud of herself for giving people the freedom to be themselves. The woman who stopped at the hashtag is now dancing. She decides to make an appearance at the storefront with two of her girls. While there, Steinfeld and her friends use it as a mirror to check their makeup and hair. A guy dances alongside them and is completely ignored by them. She and her friends make goofy faces as they take a group picture of themselves.

At the rainbow-graffitied hashtag, a group of people has formed and they are dancing. She and her friends dance in front it, too after everyone has gone. The camera splits into four angles again – which feature only her and her friends. They whip their hair around at the same time.

Back on the rooftop, she somehow had managed to change again. She dances, wearing a  black bralettee crop top and high-waisted gold sequined pants with a metallic gold choker that reads “Love myself.” It’s H & M-esque enough to gain attention to be a spokesmodel. Then, she lies down, thinking about herself. She moves in slow motion as she walks. She admires herself and plays with her hair. At the storefront, she kisses the camera. Then, she, her friends and a group of dancers (Wow! They could join, too!) do some choreographed moves. Back towards the camera, she heads to her apartment.


Rating: 1/5

While she does have presence, there’s a cockiness to her that’s off-putting. Scoring an Oscar nomination at age 13 is a tremendous accomplishment. However, in terms of being pop star, she still has to work her way up. The Oscar nomination may have let her enter the door but it doesn’t guarantee automatic success.

Nonethless, the video is only as good as its fashion, which ranks somewhere from Los Angeles department store which carries the choice styles to the Spencer’s clearance rack.

The black bralettee crop top and high waisted gold sequined pants with a metallic gold choker that reads “Love myself could be on a poster at Express, advertising the autumn line.

However,the silver sequined pullover hoodie is her pretending to be some female rapper from a Hype Williams video. The “self-service” leotard, over the knee leather boots, and oversized blazer was picked for its shock value. However, she believes she’s being controversial, though.

    Director: Hannah Lux Davis  Year: 2015

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