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A man in the hood watches the waves crash the ocean. On every street, dilapidated buildings stand, crumbling to ruin, their paint cracking.

Inside a building, Lorde sits in the center. An old baseball rolls around, which one of the guys tries to avoid. She has heard that a sixteen-year-old boy will be flying in today.

The brunette hair guy meets with a former jock by a window to let him know the new guy is arriving. The former jock nods his head and runs to the other building to inform the others of what will be going on today. The brunette walks down a dank hallway to update Lorde. From a milk carton, a guy chugs some water and then passes it around.

The former jock waits by the corner, awaiting the new boy’s arrival. The former jock hears footsteps and sees a guy shrouded in a tan hood. He takes the hood off the fifteen-year-old, long-haired guy. The long-haired guy sniffs and the former jock puts both hands on his shoulders, asking if he’s ready.

The long-haired boy follows the former jock down a rocky path. He grabs a rope, trying to gauge his surroundings and sees another guy on a balcony, watching from up above. The long-haired boy, hand still on the rope, is stunned to see the King eyeing him. He had heard rumors about the King but never actually saw him. He’s awed by the King’s authoritative presence.

The long-haired boy knocks on a door and enters another abandoned building. Walking along graffitied columns, he second-guesses why he came. He wonders if he has what it takes. Two friends talk by an open-air window. Back home, they were the popular kids. He thinks if they would consider being his friend now if he gets through the initiation. Another guy sizes him up as he walks further down an alley.

Once through the alley, a guy hands him a white helmet and gives him the instructions. The long-haired guy holds the stick, thinking that a piece of shaped wood is going to determine his future. The other guy revs up his motorbike, dust blowing behind him. A guy races to the window and exchanges signals with the guy on the motorbike.

Long-haired boy puts on his helmet and rides past the other guy on the motorbike. However, the other guy knocked long-hair boy off his bike. Taking off his helmet, he sees the other guy come to him through the dust. People help him off the ground. However, the fall has killed him. Four guys, like pallbearers, carry his bloodied boy to Lorde to be surveyed. Lorde sees the arrival and sighs. The initiation has failed and while she has seen the fatal result several times, she has to remind herself to remain unemotional.


Rating: 5/5

The ruined city has become for a sanctuary for teenagers wanting to be accepted. Lorde is seen as a fair leader who people want to follow and please. Her society has become highly organized and competitive to get into. Toughness is expected as well as a thick skin. Fully drawn, the snapshot of a teenage-led city thriving is inspired. In their city, they shape their own opinions and are given a chance to be heard

       Director: Young Replicant  Year: 2013

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