Video Review: Meghan Trainor “Me Too”

The alarm rings and Meghan Trainor doesn’t want to move in her king size bed. Over her bed, is a neon, teal “M-Train” sign is lit up. A teal background pops up and Trainor mouths “Ow!” She sits up in bed, turns the alarm off and kisses her Grammy. She heads to the bathroom, brushes her teeth and waves her arms some. She wipes her mouth with her hand and then starts singing the lyrics into her toothbrush.

In a sleepy haze, she goes to her closet and starts to think of what sparkling, sequined outfit she will wear. She hears a beep and checks her cellphone (with a sea green leopard-print screen). It’s a notification that she has a music video shoot scheduled for today. She opts for casual and puts on a giraffe onesie and sunglasses. She walks downstairs and is greeted by her assistants. She says hi to her fluffy, white puppy and they go into the car.

In the car, Trainor dances in the car, doing some elaborate movements. There’s a video meme that pops up on Facebook with a hyper dog running everywhere while the other animals in the house watch and stare. Right above it, it reads: “everyone has that one friend.” Trainor is that friend.

At the studio, she gets out of the car and walks into the trailer with her costumes. She has changed into a fuchsia top and tries on some other clothes just for fun with her friends. The makeup artist puts blush and lipstick on her face. With her assistant, she walks out of the trailer and into the studio, her dancers behind her.

On stage, the teal lights flash and behind a teal background, she and her dancers perform a choreographed routine. Wearing a  long-sleeved, sequined blue dress with matching train, blue choker and blue boots, it’s a lovely, grown up look for Trainor. In between, the teal lights flash and they are shown in silhouette. An individual head shot of Trainor cocking her head ends the video.


Rating: 4/5

Trainor has a sense of humor about herself and a down-to-earth attitude which tempers the narcissistic lyrics. The giraffe onesie is classic reveal to a joke which she continues into the car. Then, it’s off to work and do some promotion for her album with a video.

Most importantly, she has a head on her shoulders and knows which battles to pick. Nowadays, everything is picked apart and her waist in the original video would’ve raised some eyebrows once people started noticing. Then, the criticism would’ve been: “but wait, didn’t she complain about photoshop in that bass song?” Speaking up and removing it stopped the conversation before it even began. Being Meghan Trainor for a day does seem fun.

      Director: Hannah Lux Davis   Year: 2016

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