Video Review: Little Mix “Black Magic”

The school bell rings. Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade, and Jesy walk out of the building. Shy and geeky, they stick together. Jade is a klutz and trips over feet. Jesy immediately helps her. Leigh-Anne hopes no one saw them. Perrie has a crush on a cool guy. He waves over by them. Leigh-Anne can’t believe it. Jade and Jesy freak out, excited that the cool guy looked their way. hair

Cool Guy’s girlfriend waves back and tears through the group, rolling her eyes at their social awkwardness. She wraps her arms around him and the girls wish they could do something.

At the library, the group watches Cool Guy and his girlfriend make out and cuddle. Jade has enough of being a spectator and decides to look at some books. While searching for a book, some sparkly dust causes a book to plop Leigh-Anne on the head.

Back at Jade’s house, they set the book down, watching the sparkly dust float around it and decide to cast one of the spells. Sitting in a circle, they repeat the words in the book and then find out they have been given powers. Perrie turns her hair purple, Jesy forms a floating crystal ball, Jade can create fire with her hands and Leight-Anne can move inantimate objects. They try out another spell. Light as a feather, stiff as a board, light as a feather, stiff as a board and soon they have risen up in the air. They are astonished.

Next day at school, the girls have made themselves over. Perrie, wearing a Kimchi Blue Scallop lace bralette and Connie Ruffled cotton-blend mini skirt with a Clemmie Watson emu feather bib necklace, fared the best with the magic makeover spirits. The necklace tones down the outfit some, adding length to the bralette.

Cool Guy can’t keep his eyes off of Perrie. His girlfriend glares at the group, finding out she now has competition. She decides to show them who’s boss and kisses him right on the lips. But he keeps looking at them and she tells him to stop. The girls move their fingers and aim for his girlfriend’s butt. Cool Guy turns up his nose. His girlfriend blew gas. She turns her face away, not knowing what to do but too scared to run away. The girls laugh and make her blow even more gas. Cool Guy and his friends are laughing and she runs off, still blowing gas.

A geeky drops his books. A group of four girls laugh and make fun of him. It does not sit well with Little Mix. They blew a kiss and suddenly, the group of four girls adore the geeky guy. They walk the halls, owning the school. Cool Guy is sooooo in love with Perrie. Another guy’s jaw has dropped. Geeky guy is amazed.

In class, everyone is falling asleep. Leigh-Anne is bored out of her mind. Jesy can barely stay awake. Perrie is daydreaming. Jade can’t take it anymore. Geeky guy is telling the four girls all over him to pay attention. Little Mix decide to liven things up. Soon, everyone, including their teacher is dancing in the lecture hall.


Rating: 5/5

It’s an unofficial modern update of The Craft minus one of the girls from Little Mix going crazy from their magic powers. When Perrie does the glamour of changing her hair color, it has to be a nod to Sarah Bailey. Just like in the move, the girls also get their revenge on the popular kids. Cool girl’s girlfriend is lucky, though. Her hair could be coming out in clumps. All that’s missing is Cool Guy following them around everywhere. It’s a creative idea that varies enough to be considered fresh.

Director: Director X  Year: 2015


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