Video Review: Maroon 5 “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A…”

Adam Levine, in black-and-white, turns off the shower in his dressing room at Wembley Arena and grabs a towel from the rack. With his back facing the camera, he walks to his clothes rack, drops his towel and puts on his jeans, which then bounces into, making sure they fit right. Then, he pulls on his shirt and walks to the chair, putting on socks and tennis shoes.

His assistant opens the door, letting him know they are ready for him on stage. When he walks out the door, the assistant pats Levine down, putting in the equipment. Levine, with both arms, lets his hands grace the walls. A picture on the wall gets his attention and he takes in for a minute, his hand going around the frame. He stops to talk to an assistant who gives him some water. They chat for a minute and Levine laughs at a joke the crew member said.

Another crew member puts a jacket on Levine while his assistant holds the coffee. He nods and smiles at the crew member, thanking her and he continues to walk down the hallway. He struggles with the zipper for a bit but eventually zips up the jacket. He sees another crew member and gives him a low high-five. He sees his bandmates and gets into the group huddle before the show. They separate to take their places.

Levine waves to another crew member. By the stairs below the stage, another crew member hands him his microphone and Levine waits for his cue. He jumps up and down, eager to get up and perform with his band. He puts in earpiece, climbs the stairs and arrives on stage.

On stage, he runs to the end and the band members get their moment in the spotlight. Levine is on the runway section of the stage, jumping up and raising his arms in the air, trying to get the audience revved up. Around fans cheer and clap along. After ending the song, Levine thanks the audience. Together, he and his band members say goodbye.

They climb down the stairs, telling each other it was a great show and head to the garage in the venue. There, they wait for everyone to get in their cars and leave for the next city.


Rating: 3/5

Seeing Adam Levine becoming Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 (and guest judge on The Voice) is such a scant glimpse that not much can be gathered. The most interesting part which is touched on is how low-key he is before and then after he climbs the stairs on stage, he is full of energy. Unfortunately, Levine has reached the point that he’s showing off his butt in order to sell music. Adam, let me offer you advice from George Michael’s Freedom ’90: “when you shake your ass, they know it’s fast, some mistakes were built to last.”

The black-and-white style seems to be a pretentious choice. However, it does separate it from being mistaken as a behind-the-scenes moment in a DVD extra. However, the concept is far better suited for a long-form concert video. Nonetheless, the video is far better than the song deserves.

    Directors: Travis Schneider & Adam Levine  Year: 2015


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