Video Review: Vanessa Hudgens “Come Back To Me”

In black-and-white, Vanessa Hudgens walks on the set of the music video. She sees the first background and then sits down on a chair to get her makeup applied. She stands in the set, waiting for her cue.

Then, it’s back in color. Hudgens, dances behind a yellow, spider-web background, wearing an olive-green top and leather leggings. Back in black-and-white, her dog runs over to her and she picks him up so he can sit on her lap. her best friend visits her on the set. Hudgens gives a big hug and prepares for the shoot.

The background changes to black with chandeliers, flashing like Christmas tree lights as she dances in an Alice + Olivia Poof Pailettes dress with grey leggings and grey boots. The leggings seemed to be tacked on just to be in style, though  It then switches over to another with orange-red circles within the background which she continues to dance and smile at the camera, wearing a black dress. It returns back to the black background. She walks in between the chandeliers, running and smiling. Eventually, she swings back and forth on the chandelier in the center.

In the black-and-white background, she sits on a chair, thinking of her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, a crew member shows Hudgens and her best friend where they can eat. Hudgens plays with the apples, juggling them in the air.

A crew member switches on the lights for the final background. A red-and-yellow pentagon lights up, changing from all red to cutting up the size entirely to half yellow lines. After her dance, Hudgens gives the camera a kiss.


Rating: 3.5/5

Vanessa Hudgens makes it clear she’s not Gabriella Montez. She’s her own person and a fashionista. She’s also relatable, wanting her best friend to be there with her as she films her first music video. Being a pop star is something she has wanted to do and now she gets the chance. She may not have the best voice but she has the personality.

     Director: Chris Applebaum  Year: 2006


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