Video Review: Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven”

The title is shown on screen. The tape, though, has gone bad. The title moves from top to bottom. At the venue, the drummer taps his sticks together and Mars begins performing. Again, the screen moves from right to left. Lines go through the image. When the guitarist plays, the image is paused and his image multiplies, turning into different colors. The crowd remains energetic, staying behind the line. The women, however, are getting really into the song. They throw heads back, touching their chests. Another woman arches her back. One woman holds onto her hair, breathless.

Mars has moved into the middle of the crowd. He puts his arm around one lucky woman. A woman, in a white blouse, unfortunately, dances but seems drunk. The one lucky woman gets a backstage pass and takes the picture with a vintage camera. Outside the venue, he and his band play dice. Mars wins a round. He puts on his glasses and a photo is taken. He has a wide grin and another photo is taken. He has obviously gotten his band’s members money. They pretend to take it from him and he fakes an “oh no” face.

The audience has taken over the stage. A border forms as two women are shown holding their hair. The screen gets smaller and smaller before it enlarges again.

Backstage, he and his band members drink and joke around. Two women kiss each other.

At a press conference, Mars, in a hat and sunglasses, smokes a cigarette. He listens intently to the question the reporter is asking him before answering. Mars, rubs his hand over the other, preparing for the next question, his gaze strong and straight ahead.


Rating: 5/5

Bruno Mars is an intense and focused performer. He really gives it his all. Usually performance videos are dry and monotonous but Mars has such an intriguing persona that it’s difficult to keep your eyes off of him. It’s fascinating to watch him entertain a crowd, getting them into a frenzy and then in the dressing room, he is contemplative. At one point, he looks at what’s going around him. He seems to be questioning it, wondering if he should indulge at all or brood for a while.

    Directors: Cameron Duddy and Bruno Mars  Year: 2012


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