Video Review: Charlie Puth “One Call Away”

Music class is over. A couple of students, who were working on those last couple notes, leave. Puth remains, pounding out the song on the piano. A young woman walks into the classroom and is immediately struck by Puth’s concentration and talent. He looks up from the keys and stops, realizing the young woman was watching him. She smiles at him and puts her headphones on. He returns the smile and inspired, begins playing another song.

The next day in class, he waits for her arrive. He nudges his best friend, letting him know that this was the girl who checked him out the other day. He turns around and looks. She looks to him, headphones still on, and says nothing. His best friend sees a guy walk in, she takes off her headphones and gives the guy a wide smile. Puth shrinks in his seat. Disappointed, his best friend covers his mouth with his hand.

Puth still wants to try. Together, he and a couple of his friends check out her Facebook profile. While at the library, he encounters her and wants to say something. She gives him a small smile and walks away. He thinks to himself “great, now she wants to pretend nothing happened at all.”

At rehearsal, she warms up, practicing by a makeshift barre. He stares at her graceful movements. Suddenly, her boyfriend storms in and grabs the young woman by the arm. He is yelling, demanding answers. Puth stops playing the piano and begins to pay attention to their fight. She takes her boyfriend to a private area on the stage but the area has gone quiet. She runs off, leaving rehearsal. Outside the building, she sits down and cries.

At his job at the movie theater, he decides to do something to cheer her up. He invited her but wasn’t sure she would come. He sets up the film on the projector. From his corner, he sees her, alone and hurting. He sets up the film and begins to play it. She sees the old film clips, surprised he remembered that detail, and turns to see him in the booth. He smiles at her. She continues to watch, touched by his gesture. At the end, she turns around to see him again and grins. He grins back, happy he has been able to reach her in some way.


Rating: 5/5

A fan forum should be dedicated to the couple. Threads with song titles and fan art of peoples’ favorite moments. They are a couple to ship. It’s a sweet yet complicated romance told in a realistic way. Puth really likes her and a boyfriend isn’t going to stop him. He will get her to talk to him. She can do better. From her side, it’s seen that she’s comfortable and likely has been for a while. Her boyfriend senses something is wrong. She’s conflicted and doesn’t know what to do. Puth tries to help without interfering. He waits until the boyfriend is truly out of the picture. Now, time to devise a Survivor game. Everybody vote!!!!

      Director: Mark Staubach  Year: 2015


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