Video Review: Major Lazer, Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley “Powerful”

Inside the diner, the tube television’s screen fades in and out. The owner cleans the counter. An old couple discusses their day. A middle-aged man reads his newspaper, waiting for his food. The waitress, smacking her gum, turns her head towards Ellie Goulding to see if she’s ready to order. Once she passes by, Goulding puts her hands over her coffee. The cup begins to shake, the coffee boiling. She keeps an eye on the long-haired man sitting across from her while she moves her silverware. He takes a bite of his food and chews, none the wiser. She raises her hands higher, turning up the speed of the fan.

At the corner table, Tarrus Riley puts his hand over some quarters, causing them to clink and spin. One of the flourscent lights flickers above. The middle-aged man turns to another page in his newspaper.

Goulding has her fork between her fingers and bends it. Riley is moving his plate of grapefruit. The waitress turns her head towards Riley, hearing the plate. The owner looks up from the counter, noticing Goulding’s bent fork. Meanwhile, the older couple bickers.

After bending her fork, Goulding gets up from her seat. Behind her, she moves the long-haired man’s cup, causing the waitress to spill coffee all over the table. A young woman twists her blond hair and sees strings of it flying across the table. Goulding looks at her hands, enjoying her power. The man turns his eyes from his newspaper, watching his fork bend. The long-haired man watches in amazement as he cup, sugar, ketchup and mustard containers float in the air.

Lights flash on and off as Goulding relishes in her destruction. The young woman stares blankly, not knowing how handle what’s going on. The waitress watches her pen float in the air. The older couple shift in their seats as the food rises from their plate.

Riley gets up from his seat, napkins flying everywhere, and walks towards Goulding. He touches his hands to her and together, they aim their hands to the diners. Goulding’s eyes turn black as they cause the restraurant to shake. The wife of the older couple screams as their food drops on the floor.

Goulding thinks that the waitress did not ask her about her day. For that, she must know fear. She and Riley rise the waitress in the air. She kicks and shouts, yelling for help. No one does. They stand and watch. The long-haired guy thinks it’s pretty cool.

But they have had enough fun for one day. Goulding and Riley leave the restraurant and shake a car, opening it with their powers, driving off into the next town.

Rating: 5/5

There have been reports of two people coming to small towns and causing damage. However, people dismiss the reports and carry on with their lives. Goulding and Tarrus Riley are the new emerging Big Bads. While Riley may be the experienced one and Goulding’s mentor, Goulding is the scariest of the two. Her powers are not yet harnessed.

The music video resembles more of a trailer for a sci-fi television show called “Poweful” that is going to be launched for the new season in September. Within three minutes, there are hints to couple storylines, a backstory and a mythology. It surpasses it’s original intention and builds to something greater.

     Director: James Slater  Year: 2015


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