Video Review: Jess Glynne “Hold My Hand”

Jess Glynne walks the desert and stands in the center. It was a spot she and her friend used to hang out when they in school. She wanted to be out there by herself to view it on her own. She sees her friends, for the first time years and holds her arms out for a hug. Her best friend envelops her in a hug. Meanwhile, the dust flys around her as her friends drive in a circle where she is standing.

She and her friends talk and catch up. They walk to together to the party. Folding chairs are set up. She leans back in the chair, listening to her music, glad to have her friends back. She thinks of what a great she had with them. Riding on top of the Hummer was so much. One of her friends on the ATV gives her a high five while she’s riding on the top of the truck.

At night, they hold a bonfire, recalling fond memories and recapping the day. In her individual shot, she wears a choker of glow sticks around her neck, her shoulders bare. The sun begins to set slowly down the mountain. A friend dances as the sun set reaches ground level and the smoky clouds move across the sky. A few minutes later, she and her friends join him.

Rating: 5/5

A video in the desert may be a cliché. However, it’s gorgeous and watching the sunset is beautiful, it’s as though the audience is right there. Glynne is free-spirited and pensive. It’s a day she has missed for a very long time. It has the feel of capturing a memory and being in the moment.

    Director: Emil Nava  Year: 2015

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