Video Review: Cobra Starship & Leighton Meester “Good Girls Go Bad” 

At the 24 hour deli, people in twos and threes order a special sandwich and head downstairs. Behind the counter, Gabe Saporta watches what’s going on and admires the clientele who walk inside. Leighton Meester walks in by herself and the band are in awe of her. Nate Nate Novorro shakes his head no to Alex Suarez. Neither of them stands a chance. Meester orders her sandwich and then heads downstairs.

At the top of the stairs and away from the crowd, she texts Victoria Asher, letting her know she was able to get inside. She smirks and saunters down the stairs, shaking her hair loose and looks for her friend. Saporta, who ended his shift awhile ago, is at one of the gambling tables, drinking and enjoying the attention from the ladies who surround him.

A man with a sandwich comes in and Novorro takes it. When it opens it, he counts the money stuffed inside and wraps back up. He directs the man where to go. In the meantime, more people arrive and Meester meets Asher by one of the gambling tables. Asher has found a spot by Saporta and has been hanging onto his every word all night. Asher blows on the dice for luck and Saporta throws it on the table. Meester congratulations him and stands behind him, claiming him for the night. Asher watches and texts her if she’s all right. Meester responds yes.

Saporta kisses Asher right on the lips and lets Meester have her chance. Meester dances to the music and calls out Saporta on his bad boy attitude. She adds that she likes it, though. She wins the hand and Saporta throws money around and gives her his glasses. Asher texts Meester that she has talk to the DJ. Meester reads the message, excuses herself from Saporta and goes to the DJ booth. She whispers that she’s here about the package. The DJ hands it over to her.

Meester’s phone beeps and she reads the message. The police are there and will be in at any second. Asher texts Meester that she “can’t wait to see their faces.” Upstairs, some of the band members spot the police and run. Saporta is too busy having fun and being distracted by Meester to care. People run out of the club, not wanting to get arrested.

The police have the band members against the storefront. They all at one another not to say a word. Asher exits the club first, then Meester who is carrying all the money. She gives them a smirk as they gawk at her, stunned that she brought down their illegal bar. Asher gives Meester a kiss on the cheek. Meester takes one last look at them as the band is being escorted into police cars. It was a career case.


Rating: 3.5/5

The storyline needed to developed further. There are too many shots of the clubgoers going downstairs after it’s been established. Having the FBI involved for an illegal bar is tame. The gambling ring would’ve been sufficient but again, there’s not enough information. Two minutes later, the story finally gets moving but it’s nearly time for it to be over.

Leighton Meester steps out of the CW teen show “Gossip Girl” for a minute and gets to be a pop star. She singlehandly carries the video, picking up where the storyline trails off. She’s mischievious and likes the undercover work. It takes people by surprise. Asher at least gets some dimension (the caring partner who wants to see the illegal bar go down). However, the rest of the band members remain one-dimensional. They aren’t given much to do other than party.

     Director: Kai Regan  Year: 2009

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