Video Review: Pentatonix “Can’t Sleep Love”

Mitch Grassi reads a book, exaggerating the “wah wah” in an explosion of teal and pink. Avi Kaplan snaps his fingers against a striped blue wallpaper design. Scott Hoying, behind a lavender wallpaper, holds a matching phone. Kirstin Maldonado sits in her chair, sitting an 70s white flower and pink wallpapered room. Kevin Olusola joins Kaplan in his room.

In Hoying’s lavender room, a person takes shape alongside him. He has his down, his eyes looking at the floor. Kaplan and Olusola’s person is cut into the table between them. Grassi looks up from his book and gives snarky responses to Hoying’s questions. Then, Grassi’s person is stuck on the other side of the room. Meanwhile, in Maldonado’s room, the person is right in bed beside her. However, the person is too well disguised that she’s hard to see at first. Grassi tosses his book aside, unaware that a person is glued to his wall.

Hoying joins Maldonado in her bed (in a platonic way). Then, Maldonado and Hoying are sitting with Grassi. The wallpaper people are bored out their overly embellished and dated painted minds.

However, the wallpaper people have decided it’s time revolutionize and move discreetly. The lavender person turns his head towards Moying, his arm casually around the fireplace and then moves in a robotic way. Grassi’s person slowly creeps up on him. Maldonado’s person moves her arm. Kaplan and Olusola’s person is the brave one, though. He is doing arm movements that could slap any of one them at a given moment. Hoying’s person is completely out of the wall, as is Maldonado’s. However, Maldonado’s person is right her in her face. Grassi’s person is strutting.

Against a dark background, everyone is given their moment of reflection. However, Grassi and Maldonado snap their fingers and grin at each other.

Finally, they are all in one room together (including the wallpaper people). The wallpeople dance freely, accepted by their new best friends.


Rating: 1.5/5

Well, the walls have ears, legs and a head which doesn’t make it utterly dull. But at least it dances! Pentatonix are sweet and wholesome, seemingly all sharing the same, kind lovable personality. Unfortunately, it’s the living wallpaper clamoring for attention, begging to become human that is interesting. Oh, hearing the wallpaper’s first words of “why did you choose this ugly floral pattern?” and Pentantonix’s shock that the world is not bubblegum and rainbows would be awesome.

Director: Alon Isocianu  Year: 2015

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