Video Review: The Chainsmokers & ROZES “Roses” 

While at work, a young woman checks her phone. She puts her head down. Nothing yet. His flight was supposed to land an hour ago. On the plane, her boyfriend looks out the window, watching the blue sky before him. She leaves her office and goes into the store. There, she starts turning off light after light until the store is dark. She pauses at the door, taking one last glance to see if he’s there and then pulls the sign. She closes the store for the night and walks home.

At the airport, her boyfriend has collected his luggage and glances, seeing if anyone is waiting for him. Without any sign of her, he stops and makes a phone call. No answer. He finds his car and throws in his luggage. She takes out the elastic band from her bun and shakes out her hair.

At home, he sits on the couch, smoking a joint. She sees him and leans in beside him, taking a hit. Not long after, she is on top of him on the couch. They gaze into each other’s eyes, not wanting to let her each other go again. They get up from the couch and they begin to dance to their own slow ballad.

She lays on the couch, her expression numb and her face wet from crying. He gets up, rubs his face, gathers his things and leaves her apartment. The next morning, she wakes up and notices he has left. She puts her head into her hand, wondering what she did wrong. He left his cigarettes on her dresser and she puts in the drawer, unable to toss them.

At his house, she lights up a cigarette and waits. She hears the sound of his car approaching and stands up as he drives into the driveway. He gets out of the car and she confronts him, wanting to know what is going on. She performs a pirouette for him. He smiles and pulls her close to him, giving her a kiss. He decides to drive home with her. Once they arrive to her apartment, she lies on the couch, waiting. He joins her on the couch, kissing her.

Intercut between the scenes, a ballet is performed from the young woman. On the stark stage, she begins to perform the ballet. With only her talent, she reveals herself. She insures every move is perfect, trying to make everything right. As problems form in the relationship, smoke fills around her and she dashes to get away. Rose petals fall like snow on the stage and she flies freely through the air, once they get back together.


Rating: 5/5

Despite its romanticism in the ballet, the reality is always there. She doesn’t earn enough money from being ballerina and works in a store. She has an uncertain relationship with her boyfriend. The boyfriend isn’t sure what he wants.

However, she is determined to make her dreams come true: become a successful ballerina and be with guy she loves. In the end, she gets both. It’s a hard-won fairytale.

      Director: Impossible Brief  Year: 2015

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