Video Review: Tori Kelly “Hollow”

Past the grey walls and the hanging chandelier, Tori Kelly stands in the foyer of what was once her home. Appropriate to her mood, she’s wearing a funeral black dress with gold stars. She walks near the kitchen but can’t bear to go any farther. She heads to her boyfriend’s office. As she looks through the window, she thinks of the times she would be outside while he was working. He would be on the phone with a client or typing furiously on his computer. It was a joy to watch him work.

Upstairs, she walks a past a painting they bought together. It is one the last things she still needs to pack. Standing outside by the door of their bedroom, she thinks of them together. After a couple of minutes, she decides to return downstairs to the foyer.

In the family room, she sits on the window ledge. They would watch television together. He would fall asleep. She would continue to watch and then say she didn’t later. But he always knew. She clings to the window in the bathroom, avoiding the shower. She looks into the mirror, thinking of the times they would share it in the morning and at night.

Downstairs, she has saved a huge mirror from their bedroom. She sees herself, willing him to come back to her. She plays on her piano, trying to get out all the hurt and pain she is feeling.

She takes one more walk through of their home before returning to the foyer again. Soon, the movers will be there pick up the piano. She wanted to play one last song. She stares out the window, reflecting a final time on what they shared.


Rating: 4/5

Kelly wanders the house, lingering on the memories she has in the home. It is lit sparingly. Thin streaks of sun illuminate the house. However, it’s mostly the glowing chandelier that provides most of it. The lack of light reinforces her loneliness. It’s minimal, taking a quiet approach, allowing the surroundings to tell the story.

Director: Dano Cerny  Year: 2016

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