Video Review: Elle King “Ex’s & Oh’s”

Elle King stops the car and demands that her boyfriend get out of the car. Her boyfriend, sweet lug that he is, asks if she’s for real. She reaches over and pulls open the door, turns her head away from him, and blows him a kiss. Without even waiting for him to shut the door, she screeches the tires and drives off. He stands around, wondering how in the world he is going to get home.

She steps out of her trailer and finds her harem outside, holding a barbecue. All the men are shirtless and in tight shorts. She finds a plate of hot dogs, puts some mustard on it and gives it guy at the grill. Grill Guy takes it and stares at her as she walks past.

Patriotic Guy, loaded with tattoos, waters himself down with a hose. Another man, with a 70s mustache, sits on a beach chair and she applies suntan lotion on his back. Mustache Man is pleased and continues to be lathered. Next, she decides to hang out with Wholesome Man. Wholesome man is clean-cut, doesn’t have any tattoos, and seems to be on vacation from his banking job. Together, they ride his motorcycle along the road. Her boyfriend, still on the road, wipes the sweat off his face, and hopes for someone to pick him up.

Back at her trailer, she sits on a beach chair with a drink and watches two men wrestle. One body slams the other and they roll together on the ground. Unfortunately, they do not shake hands and look into each other’s eyes. Meanwhile, her boyfriend is so hot he has take off his shirt. Drenched in sweat, he towels himself off with the shirt. Surprisingly, he does not have any Axe. Outside, King is in a bathtub, getting a foot rub from Average Looking Guy. Unlike the others, he doesn’t have much muscle.

Still outside, two men are on the teeter-totter while three other men watch on beach chairs. Next, King gets her guitar out and has three men do headstands, which they struggle to maintain. After the long hard day, she washes down the men. She plays her guitar. A man in a black mesh shirt runs while some others dance in the background. They form a circle around her and she gives them each a touch and a smile. Somewhere further in the desert, her boyfriend has stopped to take a breather at a mountain. However, his resolve remains and he climbs, his muscles bulging.

After all the drinking, she has fallen asleep on her beach chair. Her harem has gone. Her boyfriend, out of breath, finds her and lies next to her. She puts her hand on his face, not even opening her eyes.


Rating: 1/5

It seems like Elle King is running a brothel out of her trailer. Some shirtless men here and there are a pleasant sight. However, it’s taken to the extreme, making the average CW teen show look restrained in comparison. It takes on a different context entirely, becoming homoeroticism.

Somehow, it’s the cluelessness to homoeroticism which comes across as a dig to the LGTB audience. When the men kiss her, it’s forced as though it’s required of them in order to earn their keep. None of them seem into it. It’s off-putting, as though she’s trying to reprogram them. It’s something that 1) needed to be caught in the editing room, 2) brought up to Elle King and her team, and 3) addressed in some way. It’s not the 80s anymore.

     Director: Michael Maxxis Year: 2015

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