Video Review: Dillon Francis, Kygo & James Hersey “Coming Over”

A pretty man, who looks like he should be starring on a CW drama as a comic book character or vampire, sits with his back towards his now ex-girlfriend. He had to do it. He had to tell her he didn’t see a future with her. With her hands on the her chin, she looks at her ex-boyfriend, trying to read him and figure out who this stranger is in front of her. Betrayed, she gives him one last look and walks out of his apartment. He stares floor, telling himself it was necessary. He needed his freedom.

With his free time, he drinks beer and cleans up his apartment. As the weeks go by, Chinese takeout containers topple over the months old newspapers and magazines. Seeing the mess, he throws his head back on the couch and sighs. It’s time to get out.

At the bar, he meets up with a young lady. She can match him shot for shot. She’s so nice and pretty. As they both stumble, he hugs her and gives her a sloppy kiss. She pulls away and throws up on the sidewalk. He isn’t sure to throw up himself or to walk away. He can only stand there, frozen. The young girl leans in to kiss him again and he shakes his head no and together, they sit down on the ground. Ok, he decides, maybe no more bars.

Finally, a proper date. She could be a model. However, as she tells him she’s an account executive at an advertising agency. He nods, knowing she is wife material. They go back to her apartment and make out. However, her boyfriend comes home and punches him out. Ok, he thinks, maybe he doesn’t want an actual relationship.

A slap on the face sends him reeling to his bed. Some kink, he can handle that. He undresses and waits for her. She appears, in leather with a ball gag. He recoils, inching closer to the bed. She puts the ball gag on him and spanks him. Ok, he thinks, maybe just sex isn’t the right way to go.

The alarm beeps and he wakes up in bed. He looks at where his girlfriend used to sleep. He walks to the family room where he sniffs a dirty t-shirt and puts it on. He doesn’t care anymore. He needs a drink or ten. A familiar laugh causes him to turn his head away from his drink. Sitting at a table is his ex-girlfriend. Ohmigod, she’s stunning and wearing his favorite dress. He wonders what he should say, perhaps start with a joke or just hi. Hi is simple and it should work. The person moves at the other table and in full view, he can see that she is on a date with another guy. He rewinds the last couple months without her and the day he broke up with her. She sees him and gives him a soft smile. She’s all right and doing well.


Rating: 5/5

The bittersweet dramedy makes certain that the young man gets his comeuppance for thinking he could do better. After the first three bad couple dates, he realized he did something wrong. All he wants to do is drink away his heartbreak. Then, he sees his ex-girlfriend and there’s hope. Until the new boyfriend is in the frame and then he’s back where he started. At first, he may not be sympathetic but gradually earns it. At the end of the BDSM date, he gets his reality check and he knows that he screwed up. Someday, Ian Somerhalder-lite, someday, she will come back to you.

    Director: Mister Whitmore  Year: 2016


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