Video Review: Avril Lavigne “Rock N Roll”

Avril Lavigne whistles as she strums her guitar. She hears her phone ring and exclaims “my new Sony phone is ringing.” Nudge, nudge. The guy has asked to talk about the specifics of her hit “Sk8ter Boi.” She tells him she isn’t sure what he’s looking for and tells him goodbye. On her phone is her own version of the movie the 1995 cult hit “Tank Girl” and it begins to play. However, it’s called “Rock N Roll.”

Lavigne, dressed like Lori Petty in the movie “Tank Girl”, stands outside a car. Meanwhile, a comic strip bubble relays the video’s storyline: Shark attacks on land are killing whatever people still left. Somehow, someone must save the musicians! Billy Zane tells the villian, Gas Mask, that his plot to take over the world will never succeed. But Gas Mask says he has already destroyed the best musicians and then laser beams hit Zane.

At a diner, Lavigne, with a dog sitting next to her, talks with Danica McKellar. Lavigne grimaces and she confronts a girl who is wearing a tie and a white shirt. Lavigne decides she needs a makeover and slashes her outfit with a knife. An animated version of the girl appears on the screen. After the girl leaves, she notices Gas Mask. After glancing at the yellow Wanted sign with his face on it, she gives him a closer look. Gas Mask denies that he is Gas Mask. Lavigne touches his mask and pulls something out. She calls him a liar. A fight erupts in the diner. Gas Mask tries to take a baby but Lavigne swipes him with a board. From under his suit, he charges up a lobster and lets it fall to the floor. Lavigne keeps everyone back, exclaiming “Lobsterrr!”


The lobster stands up, wielding a knife. Lavigne picks it up and throws it away. Comic strip screens similar to the Tank Girl opening credits appear as Gas Mask gets away on his motorcycle. Lavigne and McKellar chase him in their car, with the dog driving. They are gaining on him until the dog crashes the car. McKellar and Lavigne bicker about the dog’s drinking problem. They remiscience and McKellar touches Lavigne’s face. Lavigne leans in to kiss her and in a voiceover, lifting dialogue straight from Wonder Years says: “It was the first kiss for both of us. But I think about the events…and I think Winnie does, too.”


At the dog’s funeral, she puts her helmet in his coffin and then closes it. With a talisman, she unlocks a guitar and then begins to play the guitar. Gas Mask finds her and then pulls off his suit, He’s a bearshark! Lavigne is like, OMG! a bear shark. The bear shark is like, OMG! Avril Lavigne! They run towards each other, Lavigne using her guitar as a weapon. With a flip of a button, the guitar turns into a chainsaw and she beheads the bear shark. Zane gives her a thumbs up and zooms off in his rocket. Avril Lavigne has saved the world! Music can exist again.

Rating: 4/5

Avril Lavigne having a laugh at herself is entertaining on its own. For years, it seemed like she took her image too seriously. However, now she’s making fun of her old hits and fashion style.

The pop culture references are awesome. There is the nod to Wonder Years, which saves Lavigne’s bad acting in the scene. The Tank Girl homage is unexpected, considering that popular movies usually get the treatment. However, having it be a cult hit freshens it up.

It’s outlandish, purposely stupid in parts and hilarious. It’s also fun, which is a word not associated with Lavigne ever.


  Director: Chris Mars Pilleo  Year: 2013


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