Video Review: Justin Bieber “Love Yourself”

While the screen unfolds to a young couple sleeping in bed, Justin Bieber defines love as being considerate and it’s not quid pro quo. The man lays awake, thinking of whether he should touch his girlfriend or not. He grabs some of the blanket to try to cuddle but she quickly snatches it away. He tries to spoon and she slaps his hand. Hurt, he moves back to his side of the bed and puts his head into his hands. He relaxes on her thighs and she scurries from him. He reaches for her arm and she jerks it from him. She decides to straighten out the blanket and he tries to help but she rolls underneath it, rushing to get away like he were a big, ugly spider.

He follows into the hallway and she into another room. He holds her hand, wanting her to stay. She acquiesces to him but she wishes he would leave her alone. He blocks her in with his arms, trying to talk but she walks underneath his arms and into the kitchen. Ugh! She is so annoyed right now.

She opens the refrigerator and gets some leftovers from a Styrofoam container. He grabs a pear. Grossed out by the contents in the container, she steals his pear right out of his hands. He hugs her from behind and the affection irks her and she sits on the couch, opposite from him. He can be sooo needy!

She picks up her phone and checks Facebook for a minute while her boyfriend dances on the couch, hoping to get her to attention. Once she walks away, he places his cellphone next to hers. On her cell phone, a video shows them in happier times. Her image switches to his phone and in the videos, they dance separately on each other’s screen.

In the bathroom, she checks herself out in the mirror. He tries to play, holding her stomach and making a joke. But she pushes him, scolding him for not leaving her alone. In the kitchen, he turns the light on. But she grabs her phone and fixes her hair.

At night, she tosses and turns. She turns on the lamp and notices her boyfriend is gone. She sees a note on the pillow and reads it. He wrote: Love Yourself. She puts her head down, her mouth a straight line. He no longer cares for her. She flops down back on the bed.


Rating: 3/5

The timed arm movements are as passive aggressive as the girlfriend. When the couple are able to pause from the arm movements, their problems are given a chance to show. The arm movements unnecessarily complicate everything and dragging down the video. It’s difficult to not want to reach into the video, grab their arms and make them stop.

     Director: Parris Goebbel  Year: 2015


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