Video Review: Halsey “New Americana”

Over old, grainy footage of the serene mountaintops found in the United States, Halsey explains she is considered a leader among the Americans. Her community inspired her to be brave and strong. The group is fearless and strives to overturn the militarial rule.

Wearing a hooded robe, Halsey walks into a warehouse. Once inside, she takes off the robe and settles in. The police tiptoe outside, waiting for their chance. A young man is getting his hair shaved off. There is a couple making out. Two friends play a game. Others work out. Halsey sits in the corner and lights up a cigarette. She hears the sound of footsteps approaching and gets up. A policeman has them form a line, pulling those into the line if they resist. Halsey sits, staring at the floor. The soldier demands to know where the leader is. Heads turn, leading to Halsey. Halsey stiffens as the policeman handcuffs her. As they lead her out, she screams and shouts. Her group hangs back.

The police take her through the forest and into a village. She screams for help. She sees a couple walking and people standing on the porch, watching. She wants to know why they aren’t doing anything. A policeman ties her to a stake. The policemen form a circle around her as another pours gasoline below and then on her. A villager lights the torch and sets it on the gasoline-streaked ground. A trail of smoke begins. The villagers watch, fascinated. Her group races out and start to fight the police. She wriggles out of rope and runs out into the forest, her group following behind.

She awakes on the mountain, dressed in white, her hair grown to her shoulders. She sees keys and a radio. She picks up the radio to see if it works. Disoriented, she looks around, wondering what happened.


Rating: 5/5

America no longer exists. What has taken its place is unknown, although it seems to be a police state. There are groups of people living in warehouses and compounds to escape it. Why did they escape? However, the ending suggests that perhaps Halsey was captured, drugged and left to another part of society. It seems she has become a part of the New America and no longer a warrior. It’s an ambitious concept that does end up being one-sided. Based on difficulty of the subject matter alone, it flaws can be overlooked.

     Director: Jodeb  Year: 2015

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7 thoughts on “Video Review: Halsey “New Americana”

  1. I think this video turns out to be a dream, because in the beginning of the video as the song begins playing, Halsey is laying down on the mountains and at the end of the video she wakes up on the mountains.

  2. Also, in the video after she did her speech, was she sleeping and has her nightmare or she is just lying down on the mountain daydreaming?

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