Video Review: Belly & The Weeknd “Might Not”

Belly wakes up on a girl’s shoulder. With his head spinning, he tries to get himself out of the room. He keeps rubbing his eyes, hoping it helps. Belly stumbles out of the house and falls. However, still hallucinating, it’s as though he was going to fall through the pavement.

The room is moving for The Weeknd also. However, he is quickly sobering up. The Weeknd scans the room. Women are draped on the couches in black lingerie. One of woman is hungover and can’t even open her eyes. The Weeknd returns to the bedroom. Girls are laying on the other side of the bed, asleep. A woman crawls over and he checks out her butt. The woman moves the pillow over.

In the bathroom, Belly hands two hungover women drugs. Belly hallucinates that he’s under water. Two women in white underwear swim in the water and kiss. Champagne and drugs flow in the water.

The Weeknd sits on the bed, the rooms circling around him. He can’t do much more of this. The woman sitting on the bed with him runs her hand through her blonde hair. She hikes up her breasts. Belly rubs his face, his eyes half open. His vision is blurred and he is seeing three of himself in the mirror. He hallucinates the water, seeing the woman float. He swims in the water, wanting to reach the surface.


Rating: 1/5

Belly is enjoying the sanitized hedonism too much to stop. He doesn’t care what happens to him, even if it means an overdose. The party must go on. It’s a stereotypical party: women all around wearing next to nothing and up for anything. However, the drugs and alcohol are there but aren’t shown on screen much. The fish bowl lens attempts to create a drug-filled haze but the actual hedonism is kept at such a safe distance that it becomes a gimmick.


The Weeknd, downcast and regretful, seems to be the only one taking the lyrics seriously. He’s there, but he’s not getting anything out of it anymore and knows it’s a death wish. Yet, he still continues to do so. The Weeknd makes the video watchable.

     Director: Shomi Patwary  Year: 2015


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