Video Review: Cassie “Long Way 2 Go”

After feeding her dog, Cassie goes up to her room and turns on her laptop. She wants to check out her page. While she sits on her bed, scrolling through friend requests, her dog pouts on the couch. She rejects the ones from guys with creepy names like ‘shirtless luv’ and accepts her friends’ requests.

Her friends knock on the door, squinting into the peephole. She turns off her laptop and puts on the finishing touches for her outfit. Then, her cell phone rings. It’s her friends, saying they are outside and waiting. Cassie knows she took too long and answers the door. She is going to hear how high maintenance she is tonight. Her dog waits patiently for just one pat on the head, please, please, please.

She and her girls strut to the club. A guy hits on Cassie and she tells him it’s not going to happen. She gets stopped by another guy who puts his hands around her waist. She tells him to get off and her friends taunt him as she walks away.

Picture time! She and her friends pose for a group photo before entering the club. At the club, she spots a guy gazing at her and she thinks he might have what it takes. In a fabulous red dress, she performs among columns. Meanwhile, at the club, she and her friends are having a dance off with the guy she likes. They do dance together. However, she leaves without him knowing. But the guy has a plan.

The next day, she looks at her and the guy has friend requested her. She smiles and accepts, oblivious to her dog’s pain.


Rating: 2/5.

The sensual Bottega Veneta red dress is sleek and sexy without being overtly revealing. It’s the main attraction and should by all means be iconic. Technology is as important as the clothes in the video. Whereas, the fashion has held up, the imitation MySpace page with made up names and cell phone has not. It’s surreal to see the ten-year-old technology and think it was once the norm. All of it has been replaced by something else.

      Director: Erik White Year: 2006



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