Video Review: Chris Brown “Zero”

A taxi drops Chris Brown off at his apartment in New York. Looking up, he sees his girlfriend waiting and once she sees him, she begins throwing his clothes off the railing. He asks if she’s for real and comments on how messed up it is. His girlfriend tells him to get out. He takes off his shirt to show her what she’ll be missing tonight and gathers his clothes.

Driving off in his convertible, he thinks of how much he let her opinion matter to him. He parks right in front of the movie theater to watch “One Hell Of A Night.” However, he and his friends get kicked out by the cop. After leaving a bar, he and his friends dance off their drunkenness. At the laundromat he stops and tries to remember to act sober. Then, he dances on top of one of the washing machines. His friends climb the ones in back and front to dance with him. The lady in the red striped shirt enjoys the show.

A rack of Neon energy drinks is shown inside the convenience store. A woman, with her hair in rollers, takes a sip. He and friends break off into different directions. He stays in the beverage aisle. Since the store is out of Neon, they leave.

Meanwhile, at The Palace Theater, he scurries from left to right, looking for a piece of cheese to nibble. He jumps around some and then spins. He does a quick cross step and then looks right into the camera, not caring at all.

Back at the convenience store, he runs into a friend of his. Brown asks what he has going on tonight. His friend replies he’s “chilling with his homies.” Cut to three models in low-cut tank stops, looking bored. Brown and his friends slap their knees and waddle. His friend laughs.


Rating: 4.5/5

The endless seven years of damage control have finally come to fruition. Brown can be tough yet have a sensitive side. He solves things by dancing it off. He can argue with a woman and not raise his fists. Nonetheless, it’s still Chris Brown in a video, just a non-scary version of him.

Perhaps the threat of obscurity got to him but he has at least managed to clean up his act, for his music videos at least. All that’s left that can be said is wow, which is not followed by any eye-rolling, either.

     Director: Chris Brown  Year: 2015

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