Video Review: Tinashe & Chris Brown “Player”

The definition of player appears on the screen. The camera pans on Tinashe lying on her white bed with ivory painted walls and crystal floor. Tinashe is up from her bed. Over her image, reads: start and then fight. First boyfriend is shown. It’s round one. Together, they have a dance off. He’s smooth and graceful, holding her in the air. She defeats him by getting him on the floor.

Round #2. Another boyfriend shows up. He’s spinning around on the floor and kicking his legs, barely even touching her. She kicks him and he slides away. Round 3: the boyfriend is affectionate and proper, making sure he leads and she gets the spotlight to show off. However, it’s a façade he can’t control.

At his apartment, Chris Brown is thinking of Tinashe. Meanwhile, Tinashe faces off against a girl for Round #4. They are evenly matched. The girl is able to keep up with her. However, it’s not enough points.

Brown is the final round. Lights flash in her apartment and it goes dark, warning her to be careful. Brown licks his lips and leers at her. Tinashe is protected from Brown by a sheet of glass As she touches it and glides by it, he looks like a wolf ready to pounce. She has to see him and moves towards him. He tosses off his jacket. As they dance, she rubs his head and they hold each other. Tinashe and Brown stare through the glass as the The End appears on the screen.


Rating: 2/5

The bedroom/dance floor is modern, framed by the windows and designed in white. The dance off aspect works. Each person has their own separate style, corresponding to the type of significant other they are supposed to be. However, the 80s style video game dates it, ruining the classic motif. The video game concept could’ve been edited out and it would’ve made for a much tighter and cleaner video.

     Director: Emil Nava  Year: 2015


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