Video Review: Christina Aguilera “Your Body”

A warning reads across the screen: No men were harmed making this video. Christina Aguilera is moving the joystick while playing an 80s videogame on a ten-year-old computer. She pauses the game and goes on the Internet. On the Internet, she speaks with her psychic, Orianum. She asks him what her week looks like. He responds “killer.” She rubs her hands together, giving the camera a knowing glance.

Outside her trailer, she rubs her hands over legs and stands outside of it, proud of her work. Sometimes, she relaxes on the recliner, replaying the week in her head.

On a floral bedspread, Aguilera rolls around with purple hair, a leopard-skin tank top with her purple bra sticking out and shorts with red roses on them. Earlier in the day, she had hair rolled up in curlers. She takes her favorite cereal out of the cabinet, Bits N Pieces. She sits on the couch, with the television turned on to cartoons, and reads a magazine. Later on during the day, she puts tanning lotion on her legs and puts on googles. Then, she lays out in the tanning bed.

On the road, she has suitcase and puts her thumb out, hitching a ride. She gets into the Guy #1’s car. She touches his chin and he grins. He stops the side of the road. Holding his face in her hands, she gives him her poison kiss. After the poison has set in, his head rests on the seat. She pretends to be asleep and then walks out the car. Lighting a match, the fire reaches the car and there’s a fuschia explosion.

At a bar, she catches the eye of Guy #2. She leaves her unfinished drink (alchol abuse!) on the table and walks to the pool table. Guy #2 takes the bait and begins to teach her how to play pool. She leads him to men’s bathroom. Inside the stall, he has takes off his clothes and she throws them over the door. Then, she shoots him. Her face covered in teal paint, she walks, licking some off with her finger. Guy #2 is slumped over, teal paint all over him and the walls.

She stops in a convenience store for Guy #3. Guy #3 is talking with Oranum. Oranum tries to warn him. She grabs a bat and puts it behind her back. Together, they ride to the Pink Motel. In their room, she performs a lap dance for him. Then brings out the bat. Guy #3 is surprised but she hits him with it, causing fuschia confetti to fly everywhere. In the bathroom, she cleans herself off. Confetti goes down the sink.

At home, she changes the station with her remote from cartoons to I Love Lucy. She watches the credits and then turns it off.

Rating: 4/5

There’s a tongue-in-cheek aspect running throughout the video. The girlish pastels downplay the violence, turning it into a cartoon. Aguilera sticks her finger into her mouth, playing up the trailer trash-chic sexpot. For her cover, she dresses as 50s housewife (with a missing husband) who models herself after Lucille Ball. It pouts on the edge with its stiletto heels, giving a middle finger to the feminine ideals present.

     Director: Melina Matsoukas  Year: 2012

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