Video Review: Demi Lovato “Stone Cold”

Demi Lovato takes a moment to rest on the newly fallen snow. Breathing hard, she tells herself she walk some more. She walks into the forest, covering her head with her hood, searching for signs of life. She looks at the snow-capped mountains, wondering what she should do next.

Returning home, she makes a hot bath for herself. With her sweater still on, she gets inside the bathtub. She turns from side to the side, covering her mouth. She puts her hand over head, wondering how she even got to feel so numb. No matter how much she fights, the tears still come. She stares off into space, smudged mascara underneath her eyes. She submerges herself in the water, hoping it will shock her into feeling. However, it does nothing. At the fireplace, she watches the wood burn and think. All she can she do is think.

As she climbs a steep hill, she nearly tumbles but she tells herself she can do it. She stops to take another break and wills herself to get up. Looking out at the mountain, she finds hope to keep going on.


Rating: 4/5

Lovato believes a punishing walk through the freezing mountain will heal her and get her to feel again. She’s hoping to find some answers from her pain. Every emotion is clear on her face and she proves herself to be a fine actor as well as singer. Her acting skills give her videos far more emotional weight and substance. She has potential to cross over into mature material, if she chooses.


Director: Patrick Eccelesine  Year: 2016


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