Video Review: Hailee Steinfeld & DNCE “Rock Bottom”

After a kiss, Hailee Steinfeld’s boyfriend runs and she hops on him for a piggyback ride. However, it’s a rare moment of peace between them. They argue all the time. She tells him to think. Frustrated, she raises her hands up and walks away. He asks for some of her Sour Patch Kids. She gives him a look that says “hey, get your own.” Annoyed, he takes them out of her hands. Eventually, she caves in and shares her candy, feeding him some. Well, after an argument about how overly possessive she is over candy.

At the DNCE concert, he stops and gives her a kiss in the hallway before finding a place to stand. She’s captivated by Joe Jonas and she can totally relate. She walks to stage, with Jonas leading her. On stage, she sings right to Jonas. She does a quick glance to see her boyfriend’s reaction but he’s not around. Anyway, Steinfeld touches Jonas and together, mic to mic, they sing to each other. Uh oh. Jonas and Steinfeld have a lot unresolved sexual tension going on. Her boyfriend has seen enough and leaves.

On the way back home from the concert, he tells her that she was flirting with Jonas on stage. Steinfeld yells back that it happened all so quickly. She was trying to reach him through music. She puts her head on his shoulder but he moves away. Steinfeld bursts into tears.

While looking for him, she thinks of the time when he was brushing his teeth and he touched her chin. She also remembers when after an argument, she climbed on the couch and gave him a kiss. She sees him on the street and in the pouring rain, stops and gives him a kiss.


Rating: 2/5

Hailee Steinfeld wants complete control over her relationship. The boyfriend won’t ever stop being nagged and cuckolded until he realizes that she does absolutely nothing wrong. Everything is hers and flirting with other people (especially pop stars) is fine.

It’s difficult to sympathize with her. Her behavior isn’t cute. It’s immature and messed up. She clearly enjoys it, though. It gives her the upper hand. The next fight will be why Joe Jonas is following her on Instagram and why did he just send her a direct message full of hearts?!?!?!

    Director: Malia James  Year: 2016


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