Video Review: Rihanna “Needed Me”

Her back towards the ocean Rihanna thinks of her next move. She looks outside the window, pressing her gun against it. As she watches the tide of the sea green ocean rush back and forth, she views it as it might be her last time. She steps outside and smokes, the salt mixing in her lungs. The naïve Miami she looks to every morning would be wounded if it truly saw what an illusion the city has become.

The local biker gang dons their skeleton helmets and takes her to him. She gives the head biker a nod and they take off on their motorcycles. They know what she is after and are more than willing to protect her. Tattoo owes them money and among other things.

They drop her off at the back entrance of the strip club. At the strip club, she walks in, not bothering to look at anyone, wearing a formidable bronze catsuit, the underworld’s version of a power suit. She scratches an itch by her ear, raising her gun in the air but the men are throwing money at the strippers. She’s only there for one reason: to kill Tattoo.

In the private room, Tattoo grabs the stripper’s ass. The stripper shakes her ass near Tattoo’s face. However, Tattoo watches Rihanna walk and takes a drag on his cigarette. He thinks that she doesn’t have the balls to touch him. She’s there to show her might but he’ll have her screaming again just like last time. Tattoo throws dollar bills at the stripper’s ass and Rihanna takes the opportunity to shoot him three times. Tattoo drops to the floor and a pool of blood comes from his head. In the corner, she takes a minute before leaving to smoke. Her crime will be a minor inconvenience and nothing will change.

As she looks outside her window, she knows Tattoo won’t ever be able to hurt anyone again.


Rating: 4/5

Harmony Korine builds on “Spring Breakers” going further into his broken-down view of Miami. The garish red light of the strip club dulls the pastel paradise Rihanna sees everyday. The paradise comes at a cost and Rihanna has become part of the game. There is no turning back.

     Director: Harmony Korine  Year: 2016


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