Video Review: Selena Gomez “Kill Em With Kindness”

In black-and-white, a hairdresser moves a piece of Selena Gomez’s hair. She sits in a chair, watching everyone prepare. She looks straight ahead to the camera. The photographer blurs his image of her for a moment, trying to focus it correctly. She puts her head down and touches her finger to her mouth. Instagram is great. She sees her pictures of her friends and they can talk about them later. However, it’s the negative comments that bother her. She knows they shouldn’t. Sitting there, it crosses her mind. The lights flash and the camera pulls in for some close up shots. After which, she rests her leg on the chair, waiting.

She rolls her head, wondering why people suck and then faces the camera, stating she won’t stoop to trolls’ level. Four people enter the studio and she dares them to make a mean remark to her. The lights flash on and off and the people have decided to dance.

Juxtaposed in between are Gomez’s poses. She whips her hair, smiling. She tilts her head from the left to the right. Gomez puts both hands on her head, letting out a silent scream. Then, A rose is shown on the floor and blood drips on them. Bullets drop onto the floor. A candle blows out. The rose falls, its petals crushed.

In the dressing room, she sits on the table and then gets up. A questioning gaze flashes across her face as she enters the studio for the photo shoot. The lights flash again and Gomez has changed into her underwear. In a different section of the house, Gomez walks down the hallway in a gown before breaking into a run.

The photo shoot has moved toward the balcony. Gomez gets up and directs the audience. She says people can say what they want, gathers her shawl and walks back other chair. Mic Drop. She gets as close to the camera as she can get, holding her hand into a fist. Gomez gives the camera a wide grin, knowing it will be ok.


Rating: 5/5

*Slow clap* Selena Gomez is the conflicted, glamorous pop star with a brain. She actually reads her Instagram. She knows what people will start to say about her once the video is released. She knows people will be cruel but she doesn’t have to take it, either. She’s fights back in couture and heels against the criticism. She takes the high road, addresses the issue and expresses herself in a classy manner.

   Director: Emil Nava  Year: 2016

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