Video Review:  Jason Derulo “Get Ugly” 

A fortysomething woman, wearing a shirt with cartoon animals and red and white camouflage pants, passes by the street with a boombox. At the stoop, four guys stare at her. She growls, while purple paint flows out of mouth. They leave and she takes her place. Jason Derulo pulls up and gets out of the car. Bold, yellow letters introduce him. He greets his friend and it turns into a comic strip.

The fortysomething woman turns up her jukebox to the song and in squished, bold letters the title is written out. A woman passes by in a crop top, overalls (with one loose strap) and stilettos and whips her hair. Derulo and his friends dance to get her attention. They pass by the beauty shop where three women read their magazines and dance to the music. A waitress stops working and looks out the window when she sees Derulo. She swoons and rushes back to work. Her friend stays while his friend makes the phone gesture with his hand. Over his head, the thought bubble reads: call me!

He and his friends take over the beauty salon. The three women jump out of their stations and begin to dance. He empties his red solo cup and sits on the chair, exclaiming brah, with the orange, fat “h’s” coming out of his mouth. However, he finds the energy to dance outside the bar.

A girl roller skates outside her home. While the women next door fold their laundry at the laundromat, he stands on top of them dancing. Guys emerge from the washing machine and begin to move around. A young kid does the robot while the fortysomething woman looks on and tells him to get back inside. Teal and fuchsia painted dust follows as he runs away. The fortysomething woman arrives in the street. The screen pauses for her face to become a comic strip and the two women standing by the car tear off. Meanwhile, Derulo dances with the entire neighborhood. The fortysomething woman mouths “yeah, that’s ugly” which gets painted on the screen. Derulo jumps into the screen (which turns into a comic strip) while his album title painted out in bold, fat lettering.


Rating: 4/5

Fun and creative, the 80s urban landscape is authentic to the actual decade. It’s filled with people, filmed on a set, and has so much color it bursts. Derulo is the center but other people, like his friend flirting with the waitress, are allowed to have their moments, too.

The graffiti words and comic strip effects are done really well. It’s timed at the precise moments without being overused. It would’ve been neat to see the entire video in an animated comic strip form. Nonetheless, it’s a clever as it is.

    Director: Syndrome  Year: 2015


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