Video Review: Carly Hennessey “I’m Gonna Blow Your Mind”

At the microphone, Carly Hennessey’s long, jet black hair flows in the wind. Inside the room, she pulls away from the microphone, the ends of her white top flow. Debris from the ceiling falls onto the ground. She moves her head from side to side, her hair going everywhere. As the band plays, paper flies towards them at a high speed.

Her hair lands in her mouth and over her eyes as the wind machine enters a weather advisory mode. She sits on the couch, a large chunk of hair covering the rest of her face. Shreds of paper fall from the vent and from the other side of the room. She turns away from the microphone, likely unable to see. She struggles to point to the camera, her arm trying to be strong against the wind. She grimaces, reaching her arm up and beats the wind.

Finally, her hair is out of her face as she sings into the microphone. Then, she tiptoes on the edge of the unsecured couch, head down, hair blocking her with debris going everywhere. Wisely, she decides to stop and sit right in the middle of the couch.

The guitarist gets the spotlight. He gets rewarded with crap from the ceiling dumped onto him. Paper falls into clumps over her and the band. In between bits of paper, the band stops the playing. Black pieces of paper cover the lens.


Rating: 1/5

The wind machine causes unnecessary problems. Set on tornado level for the entire time, Hennessey doesn’t get the sexy shampoo model moments. She gets wet hair from being stuck in her mouth, half-open eyes from not being able to see, and her face not being seen very much. The slow motion, when it’s used, exaggerates the wind turning Hennessey’s every movement into battle over the machine. And the machine does not like to lose. On top of that, stuff is falling everywhere. It makes the room a mess. It’s not appealing at all.

Director: Cameron Casey  Year: 2001


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