Video Review: Travi$ Scott “Antidote”

Hiding beneath trailers, Travi$ Scott emerges and walks toward the center of the parking lot. Dust swirls around him as a car does figure eights. Soon, another car joins in and they both do figure eights. He walks through the carnival. The structures are faded and dated. While he smokes, he observes the people working their stations.

Outside, people in glowing yellow neon begin to climb in their cages. A guy was pulled aside from the cops and arrested. He looks at the women in the cages. One woman follows his every step. Another woman’s eyes are lined with the yellow neon while a woman standing by the pole eyes bug out yellow. A guy in a yellow shirt walks in a giant hamster’s wheel. A priest begins his sermon among the crowd that has gathered. An older man dressed as a clown (but without any paint) seems to be out of it. A man’s face painted in yellow stares views Scott as his prey. He moves his hands in time with music as a man plays on yellow drums and then warms up by the fire, which is in a garbage can. A one-eyed painting of man moves its eye.

The carnival is abandoned and Scott speeds off in his car.


Rating: 4/5

The eerie carnival becomes its own character. It’s own community that has developed The glowing people seem nonverbal and animatistic in nature, as though they have lost their humanity. Scott visits them, trying to talk them back in the world. He’s accepting of them possibly because he can relate to them. However, he has the option of leaving it. They do not.

It’s an intriguing storyline that raises questions: does he travel from carnival to carnival? Who exactly are these people? What made them become yellow It goes beyond money, power and sex. It wants to be something of substance and succeeds.

   Director: Francesco Carrozzini  Year: 2015

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