Video Review: Maroon 5 “Sugar”

Adam Levine, in a suit and tie, says to the camera that it’s December 6, 2014 and that they are trying to hit every wedding they possibly can in Los Angeles. Levine hops into his Corvette with the rest of the band.

The crew brings in rods for the tent. The bride is taken aback. One of the guests approaches the crew member and wants to know what’s going on. The crew member assures him everything is all right. The guest tries to peek through the tent. The bride looks to her groom, wanting an explanation.

In between, Maroon 5 (with Levine at the wheel) drive through Los Angeles to the first location. The crew member stalls the guest by continuing to talk to him. Meanwhile, the band is able to sneak through the side and get into the drop down tent. Levine smiles, full of excitement, as he grabs his microphone.

The crew member tells the bride and groom to go up to the tent. The curtain drops down and the bride squeals, putting her hand over her mouth. A male guests points, registering who they are. The groom is shocked, stunned that they are actually there. The crew member tells the guests to come up the dance floor and watch the performance. The bride hugs her groom and kisses him. The groom is very happy that he agreed to have the band there.

Back in the car, they head to the next location. The crew member again tells the couple to come up to the front. At the hall, Levine and the band pass through the kitchen. The cook sees Levine and his mouth forms an O. Levine touches him on the arm, as if say, “yes this is actually real.” The tent drops down and the bride screams. The groom points at Levine, shouting “yeah” and raising his arm in the air. The older gentleman (who maybe the groom let him in on the secret) sits at the table, smiling. Then, he gets upfront and dances with the bride and groom. The groom twirls his bride to the music.

On their way to another wedding, the band is stopped at a traffic light. The girls in the right lane recognize them. The girls get out of their and start saying how they are big fans of the band. Mickey Madden takes a selfie with the girls. The police, standing by, subtly honk and the girls scurry back into their car.

Five more several wedding receptions follow. Confetti explodes from the ceiling at one of the receptions. Madden throws his head back, enjoying the party. A male guest begins to break dance in the middle of the dance floor.

Against a black background with a spotlight up above, Levine sings into the microphone. Confetti also begins to fall in the background for Levine as well as for Jesse Carmichael and Madden in their separate segment. Soon, the entire band joins him, playing their instruments.

Levine looks into the camera and mouths “oh.” At the wedding, Levine takes a bow. He raises a wine glass another. At the second wedding shown, he and the band toast to the moment. At the weddings, Levine jumps off stage and hugs the couples. At the second wedding, he says it’s the “coolest thing, ever, ever, ever” and then high-fives the groom. While leaving the second leaving, Levine pumps his fist in the air, pleased to have made a lot of peoples’ days.


Rating: 5/5

Maroon 5 is mindful of the adage “don’t upstage the bride.” The band makes sure the couple shares in the attention and everyone who is in attendance can be involved. The guests are shown as much as the band.


The band is careful not to show only the “OMG! It’s Adam Levine!” reactions. One assertive guest, in particular, at the first wedding, watches the set up and knowing it was not part of it, seeks a reason. The first bride seems ready to kick them out and notify management if her groom does not provide a believable answer.


It’s great idea that likely involved plenty of planning and effort on the band’s part. Without proper coordination and behind-the-scenes teamwork, none of it would’ve been able to happen. A round of applause for Team Maroon 5.

    Director: David Dobkin  Year: 2015

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