Video Review: Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman”     

In a low lit room, Ariana Grande, in a black, lacy bra sits on a chair against a wall, her expression blank. She turns her back towards the camera, hugging her body with arms, tempting to take her top off.

The tape, worn out after so many viewing, has rainbow fuzz running across, fast forwards to her close up. Her eyes search into the lens. Back on the chair, she tilts her shoulder, asserting her authority over her sexuality. She tilts her shoulder again and looks back at the camera, unsure if the director would want another shot. However, it’s been a long day and she is over being an object. On all fours, she begins to crawl towards the couch. The cameraman lingers on her while Grande counts down the seconds. On the bed, she is sitting with her knees facing the bed and rolls her head slowly back and forth.

In a room, with sleazy mauve light, the camera takes in a rear shot of Grande in her matching black, lacy panties. Grande is sprawled on a white couch, her arm stretched all the way to the end. Sitting on her elbows, she throws her head back and caresses her neck. The light changes to a seedy Persian blue while Grande looks at the ceiling. Once she looks back, the sleazy mauve light switches back on. Sitting with a white pillow between her legs, she runs her hand through her long hair, her eyes closed with a dreamy expression and the tape gets fuzzy again.

Laying on the couch, still under the mauve light, she sits on the reverse side, legs up in the air, her hands her chin, bored as ever. Laughing, she falls onto the couch, the pillow cushioning. Seriously, the cameraman made the best joke and it’s the most fun she’s had all day. She flips her back and waits for the next instruction.

In the low lit room, she turns around, still hugging her body but lets her cleavage show. She walks toward the camera, teasing it with the idea of shutting it off. The fuzz on the tape covers the whole screen. Continuing in the mauve light, she sits on the couch.

Back in the low lit room, she isn’t sure what to do anymore. She holds onto her right arm, her head tilted to the side and then folds her one arm back, forming a cradle. Returning to the chair, she turns her head towards the camera with a vacant look and then runs her fingers over lips. The cameraman shoots her from her butt to her front while she has head her back. She plays with her hair, putting it in her mouth and then out.

In the mauve light, she puts her finger in her mouth and bites it. With her back towards the camera, she dances a little, knowing the job will be over soon. Sitting in the middle of the couch, she has her head back and caresses her neck again. The tape gets fuzzy again. She touches her leg.

Sitting back on the couch, she slowly swings her head from side to side while giving the cameraman a pleading look. She waits, holding on the pillow and finally she is told, it’s the last shot. She smiles and covers her mouth with the pillow, reminding herself that she likes her job. She runs her fingers over mouth again and looks back at the camera. The tape gets fuzzy one last time and the screen fades to black.



Rating: 1/5

Grande may be in the position of the seductress. However, she’s isn’t sure how and not fully in control yet. She’s copying what she’s seen in various videos and maybe flipped through some boudoir photos on the Internet to get an idea. Otherwise, it’s one practiced pose after another without any real feeling behind it.

    Director: The Young Astronauts  Year: 2016

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