Video Review: Rachel Platten “Fight Song”

Rachel Platten doesn’t want to look outside, watch everyone live their lives through her window. She’s been sitting on her basement steps, avoiding it all. The shower has become a haven for her also. She’ll sit in the middle of it, let the tears flow and cling to the door

Lying on her back on the sole clean spot on her bed, she clutches her notebook over chest. There is so much she wants to say but as she stares at the ceiling, nothing comes to mind. She throws a balled up piece of paper on her bed, adding it to the pile already on her bed of rejected thoughts and ideas. Maybe facing a window would be good for her. She changes position, moving to the top of the bed. However, she can only stare at her blank notebook. She puts her head into the book. Another page gets torn out and thrown into the pile. She sits on the front of the bed, putting her head into her heads and sighs. Why can’t she think of anything, she thinks to herself as she pounds the papers on her bed, why do all her ideas suck? Giving up, she pulls her the blanket over head and goes to sleep.

At the piano, she plays a couple of notes, hoping for some inspiration. In her notebook, she jots down a phrase that would make a good match. But then scratches it out with her pen, deeming it awful. Her fingers stay at the keys. Frustrated, she throws her back, thinking a song is never going to come from inside her again.

There are some completed songs she can play. At an open mic night, she brings her keyboard and performs for the small crowd. The whole room applauded and for the first time in years, she felt good about herself. Nonetheless, she realized she can’t stay where she is. She has to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. She needs to take that chance.

Driving, she thinks she has no idea what she’s doing. However, she continues on. She has to make a fresh start. Then, she sees the mountains and is in awe of them. She takes a break from driving and decides to hike for a little while. She closes her eyes, breathing in the fresh air. The mist from the waterfall gives her goosebumps. She never would’ve done something like this before. Meeting up with some other hikers, she dives in and swims with them.

At the campsite, they toast marshmallows around the fire. She exclaims she can do it, raising her arm in the air. She and her new friends dance in a circle around the fire.

In her new city, she meets up with friends at a bar. They catch up and she tells them her story. Other people are shown with determined faces and flexing their arms. She walks on the beach, letting her bare feet touch the wet sand. It’s something she didn’t think she would ever to get to see. But she made it happen for herself and it’s exhilarating.


Rating: 5/5

Platten recovers from the lowest point of her life by taking charge. She can’t take being upset anymore and makes a positive change. She discovered there’s more to her than her sadness and she has plenty of strength. All it took was playing one of her so-called below average songs to a crowd to change her mind. The compliments she received afterwards helped her realize maybe she’s been discounting herself. The video elevates the song, bringing it to life in a realistic way.

    Director: James Lees Year: 2015

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