Video Review: Vanessa Hudgens “Say OK”

With her both arms linked with her best friends, Vanessa Hudgens walks into the bowling alley. She can’t contain her excitement. She’s liked her crush (Zac Efron) for such a long time and now they are finally on a date. On her phone, she shows her best friends the text from him, telling her he’s already there and which lane he has reserved for them. It’s actually happening!

Her friends greet their boyfriends at the shoe rental. Efron nods at her, asking her to go with him. She gets her shoes and follows him to their lane. One of their friends slides down the aisle. Hudgens gives Efron a small smile, which he returns. It’s Efron’s turn. He raises both his arms out, lets out a whoop, and lets the ball roll. He turns and grins at Hudgens. It was a strike and he hopes it impressed Hudgens. Efron’s tells her it’s her turn now. Shyly, she puts her head to the side and raises the ball the over her head, warning them it may not be good. She puts her hands over eyes, expecting a gutter ball. But it’s a strike! She puts both arms in the air and cheers. It was the game-winning point. The girls’ team won!

By herself, she sits on the swing on the beach, thinking about their relationship now. The bowling date seems so far away.

After bowling, they go out to eat at a diner. Over their hamburgers, fries and sandwiches, they talk about the game, school, and whatever else is going on in their lives at the moment. Efron pours the salt on his fries and ends up with entire container on his dish. One of his friends takes a photo to put online. He makes a joke about it, asking if it was her and she laughs. He gets up from the booth and nods at her, asking if she wants to be alone with him for a while. She says goodbye to her friends and joins Efron.

As they drive to the beach, he tells her he had a wonderful time and that he really likes her. He asks if she would like to go out with him again. Smiling, she says yes. She snaps a photo of him on her phone, wanting to capture the perfect moment with him.

Still sitting on the swing set, she thinks of how to approach their communication issue.

At the beach, he holds in her arms, lifting her off the ground. He runs towards the playground and gets on the plastic animals. Sitting on the jungle gym, she laughs and tells him she’ll be right there. He puts all his weight on the plastic animal and topples over, rolling on the ground. She breaks into a run, shouting for him to try to catch her. As they swing on the merry-go-ground, they look into each other’s eyes. It’s only when their friends join that their eyes break apart. Hudgens and Efron stay separate from their friends. They stay close to the ocean while takes her on a piggyback ride.

On the swing, she looks back at the beach where they had their first real romantic moment and wonders if they have a future.


Rating: 4/5

Witnessing the first date and how awesome it was to then the switch to Hudgens by herself, doubting where they stand resonates. She and then-boyfriend Zac Efron were natural together. Her admiration combined with his thoughtfulness shine through. When she returns back to the place of their first date, she is thinking of better times. It makes him not being there with her raise red flags. He seemed so into her that it’s that much more shocking when she’s alone. Their chemistry gives the music video an emotional pull that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

     Director: Darren Grant Year: 2007


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