Video Review: Halsey “Colors”

On top of the building, a teenage girl (who for brevity’s sake will be named Parker), takes photos of a tennis game in play at the country club. At the court, Parker’s mother tips down her sunglasses, checking out the teenage boy’s (Tyler Posey, who will be named Tyler) father. She and her mother walk down the steps and Parker takes a seat at the white wicker table, where she takes more photos. Tyler and his father congratulate her on a good game. Then, Tyler gives Parker a hug.

After the game, Tyler sits down with Parker as they talk about their classes and school. Meanwhile, her mother asks if Tyler’s father would like to join them for dinner. Flattered, Tyler’s father says yes. Tyler responds that would like it, too. Parker’s mom gives Tyler’s dad their address.

Parker’s mom, in a bath towel, looks at her reflection in the mirror. Maybe she won’t be lonely any longer. She brushes her hair. She looks through her closet and finds a beautiful light blue gown for Parker to wear. Parker applies ruby-red lipstick. Parker, with her hand on her mouth, thinks about the evening ahead. Parker gets dressed and twirls her gown.

Tyler and his father arrive at Parker’s home. Parker, hearing them talk with her mom, runs downstairs. Parker stares at her, amazed by how beautiful she is. Tyler’s dad, stands up straight, folds his hands and keeps his attention on a vase.

At dinner, Parker hands the bowl of mashed potatoes to Tyler’s dad. Tyler’s dad laughs, and gestures to his chin, letting Parker know she has some mashed potatoes on her face. Embarrassed, she wipes it off with a napkin. Tyler’s dad winks at her. She explains to them that she likes photography and offers to take a photograph of them. Parker’s mom gets up from her seat and gets in the middle of Tyler and his dad. Telling them to smile, she takes a photo.

At school on Monday, he sees Parker in class and covers his mouth. However, his eyes are bright and shining. Parker puts her chin on her shoulder and grins back, continuing to doodle in her notebook. In the bathroom, with her friends, Parker has a quick smoke while they gossip. Sitting in her car, a small smile forms on her face while she looks through the photos. Tyler taps the hood of her. Stunned, Parker puts the photos in her backpack. He asks her about her day. Parker tries to think of an answer. After some chit-chat, he says he’ll talk to her later. Parker checks her backpack again, scared that he might have seen the photos.

At cheerleading practice on Tuesday, she does cartwheels on the lawn. During a break, Tyler, who is finishing up his run, talks to Parker at the bleachers.

On Wednesday, however, she explains to her friends in the bathroom, that she doesn’t know what to do. She likes a guy but is afraid to tell him. During the bell, she jiggles the lock on her locker. She sees Tyler coming and smiles at him. Not paying attention, she drops her notebook on the floor and all the photos spill out. Tyler bends down and helps her while she reaches for each one before he can grab it. Seeing a couple of photos, he slowly gets up and says “whoa.” Parker stands against her locker, her eyes closed, wanting the moment to be over. Tyler, seeing the shirtless photo of his father, hits the locker next to her and stomps off. She stares off into the distance, trying to hold back her tears.

Later, during 5th hour break, she says people are going to talk about her now. She reveals that the photos were of Tyler’s dad. Her friends’ jaws drop.

In her bedroom, she thinks of Tyler’s father and his gorgeous smile and hot body. Maybe he will love her one day.


Rating: 5/5

There’s an indie film quality to it, focusing on the mood rather than the plot. The hazy atmosphere invokes her naiveté while she thinks of a man she can’t legally ever have. Nonetheless, there seems to be some dark undertones cutting through the haze. Tyler’s dad seems to be aware of her crush and trying to actively fight returning her affections. He purposely avoids looking at while she comes downstairs. He winks at her at the dinner table. Sooner or later, she will get brave or he will try something. Either way, the situation is going to come to a head and it will destroy two families. Getting only four minutes seems like a tease when there is still so much story to tell.

     Director: Tim Mattia Year: 2016


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