Video Review: Kygo & Parson James “Stole The Show”

In a NASA control room, officials are trying to figure out what happened. They confirm that a crash happened. A woman observes that the person walking out is not human. An official says it’s a Code Red and a SWAT team is in back, waiting for their go-ahead.

The alien, wearing an astronaut’s suit walks to a house. Streamers are flying the wind and he stands outside the door, watching the people inside dancing. He steps through a gold beaded curtain and is face-to-face to a woman, her face painted green, in an alien costume. She hands him a small, wooden figurine two humans attached together. He spins it around in his fingers and then walks away.

At the party, people talk, a couple makes out, an injured man, his face wrapped in a bandage, gives roses to a woman. She gives him a hug. Unbeknownst to her, a rose from the bouquet drops to the floor. He stops to pick up the rose. He walks upstairs, wanting to see if there is anyone like him. Outside, the silvery stars shine. He finds a window and opens the curtain. From his helmet, he emits a pink light, signaling for someone. An explosion of pink occurs. From the explosion, the back of him blinks.

By a fishbowl, the DJ plays a keyboard. The alien moves to the music. He hits himself with his arm and falls to the ground. People stop dancing to find out what happened. A female alien (also wearing an astronaut’s suit) dances through the door and comes by to help. She waves her hand over him, reviving him. He shows her the rose and embraces her. They communicate to each other with their own radio waves.

Outside, a blue light shines through the window. Nearby, the whirring of the helicopter can be heard. The SWAT team rushes through the house. People cower and hide. However, the two aliens remain together. With their energy, they rise through the house, and turn themselves into a rocket, returning home.


Rating: 5/5

It’s a sweet romance. An alien accidentally crashes and doesn’t know where he is. He looks for his crewmate and waits. He doesn’t mean any harm. He’s just lost. However, it’s immediately taken as a dangerous situation and soon troops storm the house. But the aliens are not scared. Unscathed and undetected, they are able to be back with their family.

If anything, the implied meaning is that people aren’t ready to accept others who are different from them. They must be treated as a threat and annihilated. The military could’ve learned from the aliens rather than trying to kill them the first they had. It’s an excellent video that makes people think some while going “awww.”

     Director: Saman Kesh Year: 2015


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