Video Review: Robin Schulz & Francesco Yates “Sugar”     

Standing on a corner, Francesco Yates breaks into a dance. With his hand, he cracks the beat. On the other side of the street, a police officer has his radio and listening to Robin Schulz’s song. The traffic light turns green and the police officer nods his head and mouths the lyrics. Then, he turns the volume up and his expression gets fierce. Taking his hands off the wheel, he moves them in a small wave. He bangs his head as well as the steering wheel. Hands off the wheel again, he moves his arms up in down.

The car swerves as he puts both hands behind his head. The car skids as he narrowly avoids hitting two women on the sidewalk. Moving his shoulders, he puts the siren on. He stops for a less than half a minute and then begins pounding the steering wheel again. Careening down a side street, he knocks someone’s garbage. An old dollhouse and a plastic garbage can fly across the street. He swerves and then switches lane after lane.

Legs out the window, he gyrates, his hand grazing the wheel. He brakes suddenly at the gas station. He drives in reverse to the car wash, knocking over the sign on the way. Outside the car wash, he has taken off his shirt, leaving on his suspenders. He twirls the hose around as if were a lasso. He has a sponge but uses it as a prop. After the all the dancing, he is mighty sweaty. He cleans himself off with a hose, aiming it at his crotch first and then his chest. He then pours water over himself, just to give the ladies an idea of what they could have, if they happened to be inside the gas station or waiting in their cars. After washing off his neck with the sponge, he break dances on top of the car and then peels off again.

Back on the main road, he waves his hand out the window. Stopping on a dirt road, he heads to the trunk. In there is a yellow suitcase with a change of clothes. After changing into a white beanie, a gold chain, a green t-shirt and jeans, he wheels his suitcase and takes a look at the Robin Schulz billboard.

On the road, he jumps over a hill, tearing down a billboard. Filled with adrenaline, he shouts as the lands back on the street. With his front end damaged, he continues on, crashing into as many garbage cans as he can. He takes out his cell phone, mouths the lyrics and takes a selfie. He types on his laptop while the car spins and spins. With his head and chest out of the window, he flips over the car. Upside down, he moves his hands back and forth while police cars arrive at the scene.


Rating: 3/5

It is funny – for the first thirty seconds or so. After that, it goes way over the top. . It seems to be trying to outdo the police officer who lip synced to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” using Michael Bay as inspiration. There only so many garbage cans and things he can hit before it becomes predictable. Also, the police officer is obnoxious and doesn’t care. When he ends up in the accident and has to be rescued by the police officers, it’s a comeuppance for his stupid behavior.

Director: Zak Stoltz Year: 2015


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