Video Review: Hilary Duff “All About You”

While she’s waiting for her salad, Hilary Duff sees a handsome guy sitting at the booth across from her. She has to tell her best friend. She snaps a picture of him and texts it to her friend. However, before she could even think of an excuse to go up to his table, he leaves the table and pays for his lunch. She stops by the booth and notices he left a record on the floor. She picks it up and a plan forms in her mind.

Later, at her dance class, she learns the choreography for the routine. During break, she and her friends gather in a circle. She shows a picture around of him to them. They “ooh” and “ahhh,” encouraging her to go for it. She messes up and they tease her, saying she’s busy thinking of him. She shows them record he dropped and asks them what to do.

After class, she and a couple of friends start the mission. They stop and show a guy the record. He directs them where to go. Excited, she says thanks and they drive to the recording studio. At the recording studio, she shows the picture of her crush to another guy, asking if he knows of him. The guy nods yes and hands them a flyer.

Outside the bar, she and her friends perform the routine. She hopes it will impress him. Other people have started dancing, too. Looking through the crowd, she finds him and gives him back his record. He thanks her and they chit-chat for a bit. She ends the day at the beach, thinking of all the possibilities.


Rating: 4/5

Throughout her career, Hilary Duff has shown an self-awareness that usually takes years (sometimes involving several album failures, press noticing a pattern of boyfriends) to achieve. Her fans have reached adulthood: they have jobs, kids, spouses. Duff acknowledges it, sitting alone eating dinner. Dance is a hobby and something she does on the weekends. However, finding a guy now takes a bit more creativity and boldness. There are no more hallways to rely on to pass the information. Duff begins her search in the city for him. Since she doesn’t seem to know much about him, not of it comes across as stalking. But it’s a chance she needs to take.


Director: Declan Whitebloom Year: 2014

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