Video Review: R City “Make Up” 

On his motorcycle, A.I. (with his girlfriend) drive past wooden signs that say the group’s name, song and director.

Uptown AP rolls the dice at the table and answers his phone via Beats by Dre. Uptown AP asks him what’s up. A.I. explains the motorcycle broke down and his girlfriend is annoyed. The dice game went on for a while after A.I.’s call.

A man arrives to picks them up and they get in the back with the rest of the chickens. He tries to say that he’s sorry but she’s waving her hand away. The two kids sitting across from them wonder when the two adults will grow up. The two kids amuse themselves by moving their heads around. A.I. nuzzles his girlfriend’s neck and plays with the strap on her tank top. His girlfriend giggles. A.I. and his girlfriend walk back home and wave to their neighbors. The neighbors wave back, thinking “wow, they are still together!”

At home, A.I.’s girlfriend puts on a striptease. She turns her back and takes off her bikini top and then looks back, wanting to see A.I. drooling. With the outside shower going, she washes her hair. During their walk, they see little kids playing soccer in the street.

Back home, Uptown AP sits on the multicolored steps and hits on every girl who passes by. They continue walking and ignore him. Women in bikinis surround him. Later, A.I. joins him and they dance on the steps.

Uptown AP’s girlfriend, upset with him for flirting with other women, dumps water over them from her balcony. Once she calms down, she meets him at the steps and they decide to go out. As they drive, his girlfriend rests her head on his shoulder. They make out in public while he holds her leg up. A romantic night follows. Under candlelight, they have sex.

Chloe Angelides, in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, sings her part. On a positive note, she at least gets to have some dignity by wearing an ivory, off the shoulder blouse and jeans. Afterwards, A.I. and Uptown AP go to a club where Angelides is performing. Unfortunately, that is the all she gets to do.

At the club, Uptown AP gets hit on by another woman. His girlfriend witnesses it, tells the girl to back off and then shoves him. However, it’s all resolved and they dance to Angelides’ song. Then, people say “1, 2, 3!” A man on a horse rides up and the horse stomps it feet. Everyone cheers and claps.

A message on the screen says “Thank you Colombia. Rock City.”


Rating: 1/5

R City trivialize their country. One brochure shot, and two quick glimpses of the local culture. But wait! There are hot women in bikinis! Look! More women in bikinis!!! Then, Chloe Angelides gets pushed to the back, uninvolved in any of the action, despite singing the hook of the song and helping to write it. Performing at the club is a breadcrumb. To see women reduced to props is disappointing as well as the lack of Colombian culture.

     Director: Gil Green  Year: 2015


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