Video Review: Brooke Hogan & Paul Wall “About Us”

At the gym, Brooke Hogan stretches her arms with the rope and then practices dance moves with it. She poses by the gym lockers and then does the splits on the bar. She takes a breather by the boxing ring. Her red gloves stay in the corner. Maybe she will try to get sparring in today. But she hasn’t looked at any Internet comments yet so there is still time. She drinks from her water bottle.

After working out, she hangs out with friend/rapper Paul Wall at the club.

She shows off her grill, which he bought for her and the diamond-crusted shades. She walks into the club, her friends in tow, with a deer in headlights look. She isn’t sure what to expect. She’s sort of famous now and people bother her for no reason.

Wall is already there, rapping at his table, with two women in bikini tops and short shorts by him. Oh, and he totally agrees that Hogan has it so hard.

Thirsty, she orders a drink from the bar. She thanks the bartender and the guy sitting at the counter pays her a compliment. She gives him a wary smile, wanting to know more before going any further. A brunette girl makes a face and a “ugh” remark at her when passes by. She passes through a red, glittery curtain and begins to gyrate her hips. When she stops to take a break, the guy she was talking to ear earlier moves in closer, placing his chin on her shoulder. Hogan freezes.

On the dance floor, she and her friends perform a routine. As three girls watch them, they snicker and fold their arms. Hogan overhears one of their comments and is stunned by their hatred. OMG! Who are these people? They approach her, calling her moves weak and a total D-lister. Hogan’s friends have her back. They get right back in the other girls’ faces, calling them jealous wannabes.

A dance-off ensues. Hogan and her friends are first. The other girls tell Hogan’s friends to shut their mouths. During the other girls’ turn, Hogan and her friends shake their heads. Hogan blows a kiss to the girls. The Cornrow Girl pretends to be threatened. Hogan folds her hand over thumb, mimicking a chatty mouth. The brunette girl sighs and looks over to her friend, knowing they lost. She blows Cornrow Girl another kiss and walks away. Cornrow Girl raises her arm in the air, demanding a rematch. She links arms with Paul Wall, smiling.

Rating: 2/5

Picking on Brooke Hogan is like choosing to step on an ant. The foot is going to win either way. Turning it into a competition or power trip is pointless.

Around other guys she may not very well, she is hesitant and uncomfortable. However, get her around her backup dancers or Paul Wall, she’s confident and ready. All of which is completely normal. However, once she appears in a music video, she is supposed to be able to power through it and pretend she’s into the guy, even if she’s not. Nonetheless, it’s candid and given her reality show beginning, it’s actually a plus. She shows her emotion, maybe at the wrong time, but it’s at least genuine.

    Director: R. Malcolm Jones Year: 2006


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