Video Review: Orianthi “According To You”

On her bed, Orianthi sits with her guitar, white headphones around her neck. The guitar arm comes up while she says the lyrics. Her dog sits in the corner, with its tongue out. He’s been trained to be punk rock. He’s heard the song a dozen times. But at 5 pm, she will stop and feed him dinner. That’s all that counts.

At the photo shoot, she plays her guitar. Dressed as the tough yet girly rock star (leather pants, royal purple t-shirt, black jacket) she gives a defiant look, challenging the photographer to ask her to tilt her head or pop out her chest. During her solo, her face tightens as her fingers grace the chords.

In the afternoon, the band joins her for practice. Her friends smile, in awe of their friend’s talent while trying not to knocked over by the guitar arm.They know she is the real deal. She’s got Black Sabbath and The Cure posters decorated on her wall. They are so excited for the band’s gig tonight.

At the club, people jump and up down, the guitar arm narrowly blocking the view of Orianthi on stage, covering her mouth and some of her face. It jiggles from left to right.

Still at the photo shoot, a hairdresser fluffs her hair while another person is…and the guitar arm sets itself up again, awkward and right in the middle of the screen.

Back in her room, she strums her guitar, says the lyrics and sighs.


Rating: 1/5

The guitar arm, placed to be as close as possible, turns the music video into a joke. It gets close to people’s mouths and their bodies, threatening to pop them in the nose or throat. It takes away from the action on stage and from Orianthi.

    Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2009


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