Video Review: BØRNS “Electric Love”

Emerging from a cave and into a forest, about a dozen women, dressed in white crop tops with long, fringed sleeves and white pants dance in a circle around a translucent stage. Standing on a transculent box, with a hot pink triangle behind him, is BØRNS in a sequin-clad outfit. He puts on his guitar strap and begins to play. The woman dance around him, turned into silhouettes by the light. He snaps his fingers and looks at the sky.

The hot pink triangle spits out copies of itself while the women spiral in motion. While playing guitar, his image inverts, turning him into light. The women, blended together in one, long chorus, twirl their arms in a dizzying image.

The animated silver stars twinkle in the night sky and then a constellation of BØRNS appears. Into his eyes, there are lips surrounding his iris. Teal and yellow triangles, bursting with rays follow into the multicolored wheel. The colors change from yellow to red and then disappear. An animated Borns floats in his brain. Filled with music notes, dice, random triangles, he falls further into the kaleidoscope of color. He gets electrocuted by his own his cells. It inverts his image again into only light.

Further into the kaleidoscope, a burst of yellow lightning goes off and reopens the screen, showing the original stage. There, the women wait for him. Outside, the images from his brain light up and he is brought to down to Earth. Animated pink and blue light line his body. He turns into a star and flies back to the sky.

 Rating: 3/5

The forest has a otherwordly feel to it. The women are similar to fairies given life. With their power, BØRNS arrives on stage, in his glam rock glory and provides them entertainment.

The video reaches another level when the animation begins. With each line has a purpose and delves deeper into BØRNS’ psyche and thoughts. However, it only lasts for about a minute and then it returns back to the light show. However, after the animation, the light show is a let down. Overall, it’s a fine effort

    Director: Ben & Ross Year: 2015

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